Wild Bond by Laurie Ford

“WILD BOND by Laurie Ford masterfully blends fantasy and romance, offering a captivating tale with vibrant characters and intricate world-building.”

Laurie Ford’s debut novel, Wild Bond , is a captivating foray into a meticulously crafted world of fantasy and romance. The narrative entices readers with the tale of Corrine Darrow, a thief languishing in the castle dungeons, who serendipitously finds herself with the chance to become a dragon rider. Ford’s background in Creative Writing shines through in her vivid storytelling and rich world-building, as she weaves a tale that is as much about personal redemption as it is about fantastical adventure.

The dynamics between Rin and her captor-turned-mentor, Rake, form the crux of the novel’s emotional depth. Their relationship evolves from one of captor and captive to something much more complex, underscored by a fiery attraction that Ford explores with finesse. The interplay of Rin’s thieving past with her newfound prestigious status creates a tension that propels the story forward, engaging readers in her struggle for acceptance and belonging.

Ford’s narrative is also commendable for its layered mystery element, which adds a thrilling dimension to the tale. As Rin and Rake unravel the threads behind a series of deaths and disappearances, the reader is drawn deeper into the politics and intricacies of the dragon rider’s world.

Critics and fans alike have lauded Wild Bond”for its robust character development and the palpable chemistry between its leads. The novel has been praised for its unique take on dragon lore, eschewing clichés for a fresh and enthralling perspective on the bonds between humans and dragons.

Wild Bond is an exhilarating read that combines the best elements of fantasy and romance. It’s a story that grips the imagination and heart in equal measure, marking Laurie Ford as a promising new voice in the genre. As readers reach the novel’s satisfying conclusion, they are left eager for more from this talented author.

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