Unfamiliar Territory by R. Lindsay Carter


“Unfamiliar Territory  captivates with its magical world, compelling characters, and thrilling twists, keeping readers enchanted from start to finish.

Unfamiliar Territory by R. Lindsay Carter takes readers on a thrilling journey into a world where magic and monsters roam freely. As the first instalment in “The Familiar’s Legacy” series, this book introduces us to the enigmatic Cressida Curtain, a bounty hunter with a hidden identity.

Cressida, outwardly a young woman, carries the legacy of her ancestor, a witch’s familiar, which binds her to protect the world from the malevolent Annie Coddle. Carter weaves a tale of intrigue and danger as Cressida navigates her dual existence while pursuing her bounty hunting profession.

The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity as Cressida’s latest bounty leads her to encounter two orphaned siblings with extraordinary powers. As she delves deeper into their plight, Cressida must confront her own past and face the looming threat of Annie’s return.

Carter’s vivid storytelling and imaginative world-building captivate from start to finish. The characters are compellingly drawn, each with their own secrets and motivations. The dynamic between Cressida and Wren, the girl with the power to project images into reality, adds depth to the narrative, leading to a climactic showdown with Annie Coddle herself.

Unfamiliar Territory is a spellbinding blend of fantasy, adventure, and mystery. Carter’s writing is crisp and engaging, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the final page. With its richly drawn characters and intricate plot twists, this book is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating the next instalment in the series.

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