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How Zola Blue’s Idyllic Life Fuels Her Fantasy Writing

Zola Blue discusses her serene island life, creative inspirations, and the spiritual and philosophical elements that shape her Mejuarian series, emphasizing themes of hope, unity, and overcoming obstacles.

As a reader, Zola Blue has enjoyed numerous books throughout her life. As a writer, she aims to create engaging stories that captivate and leave readers wanting more. Now semi-retired, she can devote more time to writing and building a relationship with God while working on her creative journey.

Living on a lovely island in Canada with her husband, two dogs, and one cat, Zola finds herself in a beautiful and serene environment that greatly inspires her writing. Drawing from her experiences and surroundings, she believes, adds richness and authenticity to her stories.

Nurturing her passion for writing and exploring the realms of fiction and fantasy with dedication and creativity, Zola hopes to continue crafting captivating stories that resonate with readers and provide them with an enjoyable reading experience.

Your quote, “Reading is knowledge and explores all the wonder in the world, or beyond it, while you only meditate in your own mind in the sanctity of your space,” beautifully encapsulates the magic of reading. How has this philosophy influenced your approach to writing, especially in the Mejuarian series?

The Mejuarian series is about hope, loss, and pain. Like many, I love to read a good mystery or horror; however, I also love to have a good cry from a story that warms my heart.  I want the Mejuarian series to be seen as a story about hope, peace, overcoming obstacles, and faith. For the few moments, the reader immerses themselves in writing, I want their heart and mind to connect with the wonderful.

Living on a lovely island in Canada with your family and pets sounds idyllic. How does your environment influence your creative process and the stories you craft, particularly in the realm of fiction and fantasy?

I live on a large acreage with wildlife, birds, ocean creatures, deer, and no predators; these creatures are not furries. This isolated, peaceful environment allows my mind to wander into creative thoughts. As I stroll about, my mind will focus on the most insignificant thing, and I wonder how I can give life to this object and what it would be.  The creation of the Mejuarian is an example. I love pets and spiritual meditation, so I decided to take the purity of a race of god-like beings and combine it with some of the characteristics of precious cats, dogs, sea mammals, etc, to create a magical race free of anguish and pain.

The Mejuarian series combines elements of telepathy, ancient secrets, and intergalactic adventures. What inspired you to create this unique universe, and how do you ensure that each book in the series offers fresh and captivating experiences for your readers?

I discussed the Mejuarian series with my husband many years ago. Since he was a screenwriter, I thought maybe we could create a kids’ TV series. However, as I was writing the outline, I realized that my story’s direction was much more than a playful children’s show.

I have the story written from start to finish; however, as I wrote each book in the series, I found that I began creating a more exotic story and expanding upon the ideas of my original conception, leading to a race that was superior to humans, in all ways, but not gods. For the Mejuarian to be what I desired, they needed to remain free from any human intervention and have spiritual and mystical abilities. Telepathic traits set them apart from all the other races, and a faraway planet of Ecrutis gave them separation.

In Whispers of Tribulation: The Present and The Destiny, King Teloby and his followers face numerous challenges, including recovering lost treasures and navigating human-Mejuarian interactions. What key themes or messages do you hope readers take away from this book?

I hope the reader can see in the series that a lot can be accomplished in unity. King Teloby can’t do it by himself; in each adventure, the King must reach out to groups of beings very different from himself. The Mejuarian King doesn’t want fame; he only wants to help his people, keep peace, and bring his family back together.

Your characters, such as the mischievous Mejuarian pups Bracket and Pinky, bring joy and wonder to their human caretaker, Ren. How do you develop such endearing characters, and what role do they play in conveying the broader narrative of the Mejuarian series?

Because Bracket and Pinky were created not only to be the King’s son and Syberias’s daughter but also to comfort two children, having lost a parent at a young age. Having my father passed away at a young age, I know the pain of losing someone so important. Pinky and Bracket had to be more than pets but companions of comfort to the children. The two of them provide healing for the two forlorn children. Drugs and therapy don’t work; only time can heal the womb of loss.

Pinky and Bracket help to speed up the healing process. Ren becomes best friends with Bracket and heals the young boy through their adventures and mischievous pranks and deeds. Having a companion willing to take all the pain and be his best friend once again gives him hope for a future. Pinky releases an aura of comfort and love to Brooklyn, becoming like a mother to a sad little girl, taking away all her hurt and replacing her love and comfort in her heart.

As someone who is semi-retired and dedicating more time to writing and building a relationship with God, how do these aspects of your life influence the spiritual and philosophical elements in your books? How do you balance these themes with the adventure and fantasy aspects of your stories?

First, I don’t mean to offend anyone by using the principle of the creation of a race by a god-like being. Relating to my story to my spiritual beliefs in God, and humanity, the Mejuar too begin to believe in themselves and their powers. Struggles with the break away from their spiritual beginnings, they started to experience hardships with no idea how to handle the situation. In a sense, the story leads them back to their god by faith that one Mejuarian, Syberias, has. Her belief in her gods allows them to believe and hope in something other than themselves and to overcome all obstacles, eventually finding the missing babies. They will need their faith to reunite themselves and their allies with the earthlings peacefully.

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