Sushant Kumar – An Inquisitive Entrepreneur on a Mission to Build a Disease Free World

Visionary & Innovator

“Attitude, competence & execution are three core pillars to conquer this world & bring positive differences in the lives of people. If you have these three, the sky’s the limit for you.”


Tell us about yourself and your company. What kind of Corporation is your business? 

I’m a visionary entrepreneur, innovator, inventor who believes that a curious & inquisitive mindset is what will drive a person to create value for others. Having held leadership positions for 2 decades across diverse sectors & built businesses in healthcare & financial services, coupled with my own transformation struggle from obese nerd to a healthy soul, puts me in a unique position to embark on a journey to help people improve their health.

“Attitude, competence & execution are three core pillars to conquer this world & bring positive differences in the lives of people. If you have these three, the sky’s the limit for you.”

I’m on a mission to build a disease free world by shaking hands with invisible forces at work inside our body- genes & gut microbes. 

My company Genefitletics, is an evidence based biotech solution that sequences human & gut microbiome DNA to decode health insights and biomarkers of more than 30 chronic diseases & analyse the interaction between food & gut microbes through saliva & stool samples to provide a personalised nutrition solution. 

What is the problem you are solving & what is unique about your business?

52% of the global adult population is suffering from chronic diseases due to imbalance in gut bacteria,  leaky gut & disturbed circadian rhythm resulting in chronic diseases. Given the fact that 41 million meet premature death globally, our current disease based model of medicine has been ineffective in dealing with chronic diseases.

The key  stakeholders of  the healthcare sector- doctors, hospitals & insurance companies do not make money until the patient remains sick & requires constant consulting & medication. These solutions which place antibiotics & surgeries over curing the patients,  do long term collateral damage & have a cascading impact on overall health, thereby driving people towards life threatening disorders. 

Our business replaces this current model with a human biology based model to understand how our body really works, how to run it optimally & fix the issues safely when something goes wrong.

Genefitletics offers unparalleled visibility into a human body to create a unique profile of biochemistry & microbial community  & make personalised adaptable & actionable precision nutrition recommendations for improving the health of its customers.

Genefitletics is not just a genetic sequencing test, but the true health mascot for its customers. Our  recommendations are adapted to your changing microbial profile & examine it regularly, so as to empower you to improve your healthspan & buoyancy.

This deep understanding of genes & gut living inside our body allows us to recommend to each individual as to why they should eat certain foods, and why they should avoid certain foods based on their own individual biology, with the goal to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

How and why did you get started in this line of work?

I was born and brought up in a traditional & stereotypical environment, where you are tutored to play safe throughout your life, secure a job and lead a simple blissful life. I used to be a typical finance professional in a secured job environment, so my life was all about travelling to & fro from my home to office. I was never satisfied or happy with this mediocre job mindset and running after money in a rat race. Things took an upside turn, when I went to pursue MBA from  IE Business School, Spain. After meeting folks from every corner of the world, I discovered that people are plagued with irrational and outdated healthcare practices, which were not helping them improve their health span. So I asked myself, “Can we envision a world which does not have any space for chronic ailments?”

I left with this thought when I came back from Spain. After witnessing a series of deaths of my loved ones in the family, and how others around them are impacted, I decided to build something that can help people become independent of any doctors & medicines & improve their healthspan. That same time, I was diagnosed with fatty liver stage 3 and I was obese and weighed 105 Kgs. I had to transform myself first, for making my vision a reality & helping people. 

While through a strong motivation & following a standard calorie deficit diet & regular workout I was able to transform myself from an obese man to a healthy soul, my overall health took a backseat & a huge toll on my gut. This made me realise the real problem in the healthcare delivery model- it is not focussed on curing people.

I was strongly opposed to this current model of healthcare where doctors, hospitals & insurance companies do not make money until the patient remains sick & requires constant consulting & medication.  Truly, the pharmacy companies are the biggest wealth makers, because whatever they’re manufacturing in their labs is not supposed to reverse the chronic diseases, it’s just helping people manage their disease symptoms. It is more like delaying the effects of a disease. 

I was inclined to fix the current healthcare model with the objective of manifesting & building a disease free world. I wanted to figure out what it takes to actually reverse these human diseases. Not having a typical healthcare background was never my concern. I research a lot of medical journals & scientific papers & all pointed out one common root cause of human diseases: the invisible army inside our gut-  “the gut microbiome”. We humans have only 25,000 genes , so how come the human body is such a complex system? 

This led to a miraculous conclusion & believe that we humans have assigned the task of managing our health to trillions of microorganisms living in our gut having the number of genes almost 10^4 times those of humans. This further led to belief that it is these microbes who are decision makers in every aspect of human health. By optimising these microbiomes, humans can actually take care of their health without depending too much on medications.

Genefitletics was born with the objective of building a disease free world by sequencing human & gut microbiome DNA to decode health insights and biomarkers of more than 30 chronic diseases & analyze the interaction between food & gut microbes to provide personalised nutrition.

How do you deal with the stress of Covid-19? 

To be frank, I never felt under stress during the pandemic! All I did was follow precautions & guidelines issued by the government & maintained a healthy immunity. I made sure that I spent 2 hours every day on my workout which boosted & energy level. Besides, speaking with various people daily & listening & solving their health problems give me enough motivation & boost to keep going. 

What is most important to you in a company?

Our business revolves around 3 pillars- customer, customer & customer. Solving customers’ health problems & empowering them to improve their health span is the epicenter of our business.

What was the best part of business since the covid-19 started?

COVID-19 has led us to rethink & pivot our business model & build in additional offerings that can help people alleviate their health issues. It has also driven people’s attention towards their health. As a result, they are now looking for something beyond medicines to cure them effectively.

How covid-19 affected the way of doing business?

 Covid-19 made us location independent & give access to multitude of resources & recruit people from different parts of the world.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Genefitletics is currently offering two solutions:

1. Curegenic- This is  a comprehensive biointelligence solution that analyses customers’ genes & microbiomes through saliva & stool samples covering Metabolic health, Disease risk estimation, Genetic predisposition to intolerances & allergies, Inflammatory activity, Predisposition to drug addiction, Digestive efficiency, Microbiome profile & Circadian Rhythm to provide personalised dietary recommendations

2. UP THE GUT- This product analyses customer’s microbiomes through stool samples covering metabolic, digestive & neurodegenerative pathways to provide personalised dietary recommendations.

How does an individual benefit from your services?

Using functional analysis of human & gut microbial DNA, Genefitletics recommends a personalised diet for an individual along with unique recommendations which will,

•Focus on plant-based nutrition with personalised serving recommendations of animal and plant proteins and fats. 

•Identify foods that are most aligned with his microbiome. 

•Recommend a diet that will increase his energy and well being. 

•Recommend a diet to help him achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 

•Optimise his digestion and nutrient absorption. 

•Optimise beneficial bacteria with probiotics. 

End result: One can fine tune the function of his gut microbiome to minimise production of harmful metabolites & maximise production of beneficial ones, so that he can improve his energy levels, fine tune the immunity & prevent occurrence of chronic inflammation.

How do you advertise your business?

We do not believe that the healthcare business needs any advertisement. What the healthcare sector requires is, educating & information about dynamic science associated with human biology & overall health. We have been following this approach & engaging our users through our content & community building initiatives. One can find our blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars on and become a member for free. We also engage our community by organising virtual events & challenges to help them with small tweaks in their lifestyle which definitely leads to development of healthy habits.

To what do you attribute your success?

 My passion & innate responsibility to bring positive impact in the lives of people

What’s your company’s goals?

 To build a disease free world. 

Do you work locally or nationally?

 We work internationally, currently serving in India, Australia, Europe & Middle East.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

 In the next 5 years I see myself as a healthcare entrepreneur, who has brought a positive  impact in the lives of at least  200,000 people by improving their health condition. 

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Just focus on the customer’s problem and how you can make the customer’s life better.

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