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Selin reflects her passion for music since childhood which blossoms to her music education in London, makes her debut with her mesmerising song “Gidip Gel” which is a perfect combination of Turkish/English lyrics and harmonious sound. After her notable breakthrough in 2021 with her bilingual song, she also released a full english rendition of the same project: Give and Take. At the end of February 2022, Selin came back with another ear hooking bi-lingual ballad: Asi. Asi is a bilingual song composed with great musicians like Ozan Bayraşa and Onur Özdemir which have great success stories for creating Turkish pop bangers. Selin is charted in New Music Friday lists of 16 countries with her latest English release COOL and attracted attention from Asia, UK, Balkans and East Europe.

What inspired you to start playing and making music?

I’ll have to give my credits to my father for this one. He always told me that from a very young age he had a passion to pursue music. However his family never supported him regarding his decision, so he ended up getting into the hospitality business, however he carried his passion towards the arts with him. He always told me that when he found out a baby was on the way (me) he knew his plans to raise a musical child had began.  

From then on I grew up surrounded by music, and eventually my father noticed I could sing around the age of 5, so I guess from then on (so he tells me) is when he started to play guitar and encourage me to sing, and throughout the years I think I fell in love with music and knew that it’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. Naturally along with this came the years of talent shows, competitions and musicals during my years of studies. I also went to summer camps in London and continued to strengthen my musical muscles. Throughout the years I continued to work on music, ( I also went to university in London to continue studying music) learning more about the industry and ways to improve my craft. Eventually I began telling my own stories through my writing, which to this day is still something I give great importance to. 

Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

Hmmm, I think there are way too many to list. I think any of us musicians would have loved to share the stage or write a song with Amy Winehouse. 

I think Stevie Wonder is also somebody I would be honored to make music with.

Way too many to list, let’s wait and see.

Are there any musicians who inspire you?

One of the musicians I look up to would have to be Lady Gaga, for her boldness, her unique looks and her philanthropic ways. I admire that she dips into other parts of the industry. She truly is an inspiration and will be remembered for her iconic stance. 

 What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

I think my main accomplishment would have to be, to be still doing what I am doing now, but in bigger and more global scales. 

I guess to have an award or two, and a couple albums would be really cool too! Maybe a bit of an acting career too? 

I hope to have started an academy / school of some sort where I teach the things I have learnt throughout my years, in hopes of inspiring new generations into pursuing and accomplishing their goals.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I think I’m so intertwined with music that it takes up a lot of my time, but I do love fitness. I take regular reformer classes, some kickboxing and general weight-lift training. I also do yoga and meditate from time to time. I also dance (I used to do it more then took a bit of a break, but now I do it much more frequently). These days I have been experimenting more with watercolor. All of these I like to do when I feel a little overwhelmed.

What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

Haha thank you! I’d like to think that one day I’ll be successful musician, I guess I can say im still on the road to being a “great musician” but the main reasons that keep me going is my patience, ambition and hardwork . The two go quite well together. I’ve always had big ambitions and goals, I’ve cut out imagines of things I want to accomplish and achieve, and stuck them on my vision boards. I also occasionally reflect and journal about the goals I want to achieve. Along with this comes the hardwork. Of course there are days I feel quite clueless and lost, but the work does pay off in the end, I don’t really have a choice to just stop I think haha! The greatest and most valuable “muscle” I think would be patience. I’m still working on that, but patience goes a long way in this industry. 

Oh, also my family and friends give me a lot of mental support and inspire me to keep going everyday, I’m grateful for their strength too. When my strength gets weak at times, their support lifts me up : ) 

Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

As much as I have patience, I’m definitely working on improving it as well.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

I started making music because it gave me a sense of happiness, and I was inspired by other artists sharing their art, it moved me, so I began creating. Now I realize that the music I make, the stories I tell, people who listen to it feel something, and to know that I have inspired them even in the slightest way possible fills me with so much gratitude. To know that I can touch others souls and minds with what I create is a feeling I can’t put into words. I’m very grateful.

Please, describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician?

I think every career comes with its pro’s and cons naturally. My favorite parts is where I get to share my music in a live setting on stage with an audience with my band, the sense of unity one gets is indescribable so I really do enjoy being on stage making music and feeling the energy from the crowd in the moment. The whole preparation for a live show is very exciting, and the celebration after a show is even better. 

Hmm I can’t really say I have a least favorite part but perhaps the fact that (like it or not) we all have egos to a certain degree, and that there is constantly a competitive energy which at times can be tiring, as we all allow ourselves to be consumed by what others are doing instead of focusing on ourselves. That might be the “unattractive” side to being a person of music.

Other than that the cons of the industry in a way fuel the pro’s so it’s hard to say.

Which instrument is your least favorite to play and how do you make sure you play it well?

Not sure I can say I have fully achieved the maximum potential I can in playing an instrument, but I’d love to improve my guitar skills even more.



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