Sean James – Let’s Talk About Hair!

What kind of Corporation is your business? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to have an interest in my business and my contribution to the  Business world. I am a hairstylist/Make Up Artist. I’ve been nominated four times for both hair and make up in the local 706 union guild awards. I  was one of the lead hairstylists and Educators at Hair at   Fred SEGAL , FRED SEGAL BEAUTY and finally Fred SEGAL Salon.  Now I reside at Matthew Preece Salon.   

I work with celebrities, socialites, Superstars and supermodels of all kinds including rock stars Royalty, and  the general public on main street, the list of people range from Princess Theodora of Greece, Christopher  Guest, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sophie Dahl, Erin O’Connor, Naomi Campbell, Eugene Levy, Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse ,Chris Hardwick, Kim Khloe an Kourtney Kardashian, Rufus Wainwright, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Teddy Thompson,  Lisa Loeb ,Courtney Love and I worked together for 7 years,  and I worked and went I tour with Leonard Cohen for many years I also work on a TV show called talking dead, which is the after show of The Walking Dead, where The cast  of The Walking Dead come on the show and I get to do their hair and make up It is probably the most diverse cast on TV, so it is incredible that I have been able to work with all different skin tones and all different nationalities I’m currently working  that show and “the Wall on NBC “ it has the largest prize money on tv film wise. I just cut and helped create the look for Jamie lee Curtis new film “Boarderlands” 

What is unique about your business?

The unique thing about my business, is that you never know what each day will hold I could get a call from my agent Charnelle @Aimartists. On any day for a booking that is as different as one day is from the next.

How and why did you get started in this line of work?

I started in the world of hair and make up in Australia working for a company called Jon Le Court. They had bought in an educator from London named Oscar Cullinan he is an extraordinarily talented artist. He and I became very good friends and he told me that the best place for me would be Los Angeles that’s where I would drive so I picked up my tools my bike my boogie board and $500 and move to Los Angeles it was 1989, Australians were still popular because of crocodile Dundee it was hard leaving everything I knew and my family and friends. I didn’t return or see them for 15 years when I finally got my green card 

How do you deal with the stress of Covid-19? 

In my life I’ve dealt with many extraordinary situation‘s. I have changed my direction a couple of times once was moving to Los Angeles, then I moved to London for two years, where I learned  about style And fashion ,working in a club called the gardening club in Covent Garden next to the “rock garden “ everybody who was anyone went to the club it was a fantastic  place to be an observe. I then moved back to Los Angeles, where there was An extreme recession, and business in the entertainment world left, the most important thing is to be adaptable, I kind of have in my mind that everything is temporary anyway so covid was really nothing new to me,I felt like I live one day at a time anyway so I just continue to do so

What is most important to you in a company?

The most important thing in my company is to remember that I am a service business, the most important person in the room is my customer, at all times my duty is to be of service to them, provide guidance around the space, and make sure they have a beautiful relaxing time

To what do you attribute your success?

My success is partially due to perseverance and partially due to luck and partially due to endurance I’m a little bit like the turtle slow and steady wins the race.

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