Life Strikes Back by Candace MacPhie


Life Strikes Back is a hilarious and poignant journey through ‘90s backpacking, blending humour, resilience, and adventure into an unforgettable narrative.

Life Strikes Back by Candace MacPhie offers a raw and humorous account of a ‘90s backpacking adventure, taking readers on a rollercoaster journey through Russia, Eastern Europe, and Istanbul. The author’s candid narrative style invites readers into the highs and lows of her expedition, capturing the essence of travel’s unpredictability.

MacPhie’s witty observations and vivid descriptions paint a vivid picture of her experiences, from the dreary days of rain to the challenges of navigating foreign cultures and cuisine. Despite the setbacks, the author’s resilience shines through as she finds solace in friendship, music, and laughter amidst the chaos.

The book delves into deeper themes of grief and resilience, as the protagonist grapples with personal loss while traversing unfamiliar landscapes. The narrative explores the complexities of life on the road, addressing issues of harassment and vulnerability with candor and sensitivity.

Through it all, MacPhie’s spirited voice keeps readers engaged, infusing the narrative with humor and heart. “Life Strikes Back” is not just a travelogue but a testament to the transformative power of adventure, reminding readers that even in the face of adversity, there is always the possibility of finding joy and growth.

Life Strikes Back is a compelling and entertaining read that captures the messy beauty of backpacking in the ‘90s, offering both laughs and poignant reflections on life’s unpredictable journey.

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