Laura Simmons – Pages of Destiny: A Journey Through Unexpected Dreams

Fury’s Fall: A Tale of Love Beyond Worlds”
– Pel, an Angel of Fury, defies celestial boundaries,
falling for Derica, a mortal. Their forbidden love
sparks a fantastical journey challenging fate and cosmic barriers.

PHOTO: Laura Simmons, Lost in the realms of imagination, crafting worlds where love defies celestial boundaries.

Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical. She enjoys adult colouring books, writing, jigsaw puzzles, painting any blank surface, vacationing at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems.

What is the last great book you read? 

Fresh Off the Starship by Ann Crawford. It is very original, light, and funny. 

Who are your favourite writers? 

My top three favourite authors are Kathryn Le Veque, Barbara Devlin, and Elyse Douglas. Are there any who aren’t as widely known as they should be, whom you’d recommend in particular? You might want to check out Ann Crawford. I loved her book Fresh Off the Star ship and she has one or two others that are fun reads.

What genres do you especially enjoy reading? 

I love reading Medieval Romance, Time Travel, Urban Romance, and Fantasy. 

Have you ever changed your opinion of a book based on information about the author, or anything else? 

No. A good story is a good story.

What do you read when you’re working on a book? 

When I’m working on a book, I typically do internet research when the plot involves things that I need to know more about. And what kind of reading do you avoid while writing? None.

What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

I’m writing a new Fantasy romance about a male Angel of Fury named Pel who falls in love with Derica, a mortal woman.  I’m calling it Fury’s Fall. The plot hasn’t solidified yet, so I write as things come to me.  When I finally develop an outline for this new story, I know that it will change rapidly once I get deeper into writing it. My characters always come up with unique and interesting twists that I never see coming. I hope to have it finished and published before 2025.  

Could you please tell us a little bit about your writing career?

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a little girl. Several times in my life I would start writing a story and then abandon it.  It wasn’t until I turned fifty that I actually wrote my first story from start to finish.  After I published my first book, Little Bits of Karma, I had already started writing my next one.  

If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?  

The title might be, Never in My Wildest Dreams… or maybe, The Unanticipated.

What is the hardest thing about being an author? 

For me the hardest thing is waiting for inspiration and writer’s block.  If I am really stressed about something in my life, my creativity plummets and I can’t move a story forward until I come to terms with whatever has gotten under my skin. 

What is the best thing about being an author? 

The best thing about being an author is reading reviews from those who love my stories. It inspires me to continue writing.


A wonderfully astute, multi layered character driven novel, Little Bits of Karma is the debut release from author Laura Simmons. It’s entertaining, thought provoking and leads to an absolutely cracking denouement which readers will love.”

“Tough Karma – A Race Against Time took my preconceived idea and previous experience of Paranormal Romance, rolled it into a tight little ball and slam dunked it in the bin of old experiences.” The International Review of Books

“It’s a thrilling tale made of magic, betrayal, and intrigue. Dark Karma is a fascinating story that would surely be loved by any fan of fantasy and romance. Simmons proved herself a competent author in writing a tale of angst, magic, and determination.” Reader Views

Excerpt from Little Bits of Karma:

“Do you have any questions before we start?” Martina asked.

“No, I understand. We can begin whenever you are ready,” Holly replied.

“Okay. I will ask the guides to show the past lives that might resonate with you at this point in time,” Martina replied and became quiet.

It took several seconds for Martina to enter a trancelike state. She began to speak and the voice was not her own. A deep male voice was speaking with a distinct Middle-Eastern accent:

     “Hello, Holly. My name is Kavi . . . I am your guide.”

“You lived a life in Atlantis and fell deeply in love with your college teacher. He was married and would not leave his wife. You became pregnant with his child . . .” The voice paused for a few seconds.

“You lived a life in India in 1500 BC. You were a man in that life, and we were brothers. Your name was Sanjay. We were devout Hindus and ran a spiritual center together where we helped people better their lives . . .” Again, he paused for a few seconds before continuing.

“I see a life as a Roman Gladiator during the year of 47 BC. You were a prisoner of war and forced into fighting for the Roman’s entertainment . . .” More silence.

“You were a baby left on the doorstep of a monastery in Ireland in the year of 816 and raised by monks. You died young, as the monastery was raided and burned to the ground by Vikings. The Vikings gang raped you before cutting off your head . . .” Still more silence.

“I see a life in Germany in the 1340s. You were a young boy and your mother was mean and cruel to you. You left home on the day you turned 16 . . .” The voice again paused.

“I see you and the man who was your abusive German mother. You are both on a Spanish sailing ship in the late 1480s. You are engaged in a fist fight and you kill him . . .” More silence ensued.

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