Interview with Diona L. Reeves 

Exploring Romance and Suspense in the North Georgia Mountains

 Diona L. Reeves crafts a small-town suspense tale in “The Prescott Diaries.” Jaqueline Darcy navigates romance and intrigue amidst North Georgia mountains, unveiling truths and personal strength. Await the sequel’s revelations.

In this exclusive interview with Author Diona L. Reeves for Reader’s House magazine, we delve into the creative mind behind the captivating novel The Prescott Diaries. Diona L. Reeves, a full-time freelance writer and author, brings a unique blend of business acumen and psychology expertise to her writing, creating a rich tapestry of authenticity and immersive experiences for her readers.

Throughout the interview, Diona shares insights into her inspiration for setting the story in the quaint town of Prescott, the real-life experiences that shaped her characters and plot, and her approach to balancing romantic elements with a suspenseful storyline. From discussing the challenges of researching the North Georgia mountains to exploring the themes of trust, truth, and perseverance in Jacqueline Darcy’s journey, Diona provides a glimpse into the creative process behind her work.

As she hints at future events and intrigue in the second instalment of The Prescott Diaries, readers are sure to be eagerly anticipating the continuation of Jaq’s story and the mysteries that lie ahead. Join us as we uncover the passion and dedication that drive Diona L. Reeves in her literary endeavours.

What inspired you to set the story in a small town like Prescott?

A small town was the only appropriate setting for Jaq and her backstory. Not only did the rural setting lend itself to her close family ties, but it also made her heartbreak more difficult to escape. Plus, the Worthington effect was much more powerful in a small town like Prescott than it would have been in a larger city.

 Can you share any real-life experiences or influences that shaped the characters or plot?

Trust is an important theme in this novel, as is finding one’s place in the world as a young, driven female. I know from personal experience that life does not always take you in the direction you’ve planned but staying true to who you are is essential. I hope I’ve effectively portrayed Jaq as a woman who fights for what she believes in while also being fiercely protective of those she loves.

How did you approach balancing the romantic elements with the suspenseful storyline?

My initial goal for The Prescott Diaries was to craft a romance. One early winter morning in my office, I turned on my electric fireplace and huddled near it, trying to warm up. As I stared into the manufactured flames, I envisioned a distraught woman facing the holiday season alone for the first time in years. I drafted several pages about Jaq and Ben, but the more I wrote, the clearer it became this story involved more than just a broken heart. Relying on my love of psychological thrillers and forensics, I wove in the suspenseful details to tie the two genres together.

 Did you encounter any challenges while researching or writing about the North Georgia mountains?

I am familiar with this area, which made it easier to detail the fictional landscape and climate. My biggest concern was creating a town that was small enough to reflect a family-oriented feel but impressionable enough to be swayed by the Worthington name.

 What do you hope readers will take away from Jacqueline Darcy’s journey?

To never give up on what you believe in. In Jaq’s case, it was her never-ending quest for the truth. It just happened to take a personal turn she did not anticipate.

 Are there any particular themes or messages you aimed to explore through the novel?

I wanted to portray someone who was unafraid to fight for the truth and stood up for both herself and the people she loved. While readers might not agree with some of her decisions, Jaq wasn’t afraid to take chances. Even in the face of adversity, she refused to deviate from the truth, an admirable quality among those around her focused on superficial fame and fortune.

 What’s next?

The Prescott Diaries lends itself to further events and intrigue. I am currently working on the second instalment, with hopes to release it later this year to stay updated on the sequel and other current projects, please visit

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