Exploring Imagination with  Roxie Fiste

Unveiling the Creative Journey Behind “Ali’s Big Adventure” and the Magic of Teaching Through Tales

Roxie Fiste shares her journey from childhood pony obsessions to creating “Ali’s Big Adventure,” blending art, storytelling, and education to inspire young minds.

In the whimsical world of children’s literature, where imagination runs wild and creativity knows no bounds, Roxie Fiste emerges as a beacon of inspiration. With a lifelong fascination for horses and ponies igniting her artistic journey at the tender age of three, Roxie has seamlessly woven her passions for art, storytelling, and education into a vibrant tapestry of literary delight.

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Roxie resides with her husband and daughter, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes that often find their way onto her canvases. But it’s not just the scenic beauty that captivates Roxie—it’s the enchanting allure of storytelling that fuels her artistic endeavours. For Roxie, art is more than mere visual expression; it’s a gateway to ignite the imaginations of young minds, imparting valuable life lessons along the way.

With a charming blend of whimsy and wisdom, Roxie’s debut work, “Ali’s Big Adventure,” takes readers on a journey through a fantastical world where imagination knows no bounds. Inspired by her own childhood musings and her brother’s imaginary friend, Roxie invites children to explore the realms of creativity through the eyes of her endearing characters.

In her interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Roxie delves into the intricacies of her creative process, revealing how personal experiences and relationships serve as the driving force behind her storytelling. From her days as a program educator at a museum to her diverse array of passions, including model horse collecting and amateur astronomy, Roxie’s multifaceted interests converge harmoniously, shaping the vibrant narratives that dance across the pages of her books.

But beyond the strokes of her brush and the lines of her prose lies a deeper purpose—a desire to spark joy and curiosity in the hearts of young readers. With “Ali’s Big Adventure,” Roxie aspires to instil a love for learning while fostering boundless imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

As we delve into Roxie’s world, we are reminded that within the pages of a book lies a universe of infinite possibilities, waiting to be explored by eager minds and adventurous spirits alike. Join us as we embark on a journey through the enchanting realms of Roxie Fiste’s imagination—a journey where every page is a portal to wonder and discovery.

What initially sparked your fascination with horses and ponies, and how has that passion influenced your journey as an artist and now as an author?

 A. I met my first pony when I was 3 yrs old. I was obsessed and began trying to draw them with crayons. Eventually my art world expanded to animal portraits and sci-fi paintings. When I began writing, it was only natural for me to illustrate.

 Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your character “Ali” and the world you’ve created in “Ali’s Big Adventure”?

 A. In high school, Ali was the main character I developed for an art project, and my youngest brother’s imaginary friend became the Mika character. The journey was from a dream I had at that time.

Your book aims to help children expand their imaginations through art and storytelling. How do you approach balancing entertainment with imparting valuable life lessons in your storytelling?

A. Maybe it’s because I was a program educator at a museum. When I tell a story, there are always lessons that come together as I write. 

You mention that your youngest brother’s imagination inspired the character “Mika” in “Ali’s Big Adventure.” How do personal experiences and relationships influence your creative process?

A. They play a huge part in everything I write and illustrate. Experiences inspire everything I do.

As a multi-talented individual with interests ranging from art and storytelling to model horse collecting and amateur astronomy, how do these diverse passions intersect and influence your creative work?

 A. All of my passions blend together in my imagination. They influence every story I’ve written and will write/illustrate.

 What message or takeaway do you hope young readers gain from “Ali’s Big Adventure,” and how do you envision your book impacting children’s imaginations and love for storytelling?

A. It’s a desire to see kids having fun while learning something new.  Sparking a child’s imagination is a big goal of mine.

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