WraIth by Raymond Bolton


“Wraith is a suspenseful and emotionally rich paranormal thriller, masterfully exploring revenge, betrayal, and the enduring bonds of family.”

Raymond Bolton’s Wraith is a gripping and emotionally charged paranormal thriller that delves deep into the realms of revenge, betrayal, and the afterlife. The novel follows Warren Sumner, who, after being brutally murdered along with his children and left for dead with his wife clinging to life, returns as a wraith to seek justice. His targets: the street thugs responsible for the attack and his treacherous business partner, Jordan, who has embezzled millions and is on the verge of escaping the country.

Bolton excels at creating a suspenseful narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The tension is palpable as Warren, now a disembodied spirit, struggles to interact with the living world to thwart Jordan’s escape and prevent the collapse of his investment firm. The urgency of his mission adds a relentless pace to the story.

The strength of “Wraith” lies in its character development and the intricate relationships that Bolton masterfully portrays. The emotional depth and moral dilemmas faced by Warren are compelling, making readers empathize with his plight. Bolton’s ability to shift perspectives between the living and the dead provides a unique and immersive reading experience.
Overall, “Wraith” is a well-crafted tale of supernatural vengeance that explores the darker aspects of human nature and the enduring bonds of family and justice. It’s a must-read for fans of paranormal thrillers and those who appreciate a story rich in emotional complexity and suspense.

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