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Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov explores why men are drawn to strong, self-assured women. Packed with witty insights and practical advice, it empowers women to
command respect while maintaining romantic allure.

Sherry Argov, the acclaimed author of Why Men Marry Bitches and Why Men Love Bitches, has captivated readers worldwide with her insightful take on relationships. Renowned as “America’s Top Relationship Guide” by Book Tribe and hailed as one of the “Ten Most Iconic Books of the Past Decade” by Yahoo, Argov’s influence extends far beyond the pages of her bestselling books.

With over 100 magazine features and appearances on national television shows like The Today Show and The View, Sherry Argov has become a household name in the realm of romance and self-empowerment. Her message resonates deeply with readers, challenging common misconceptions about love and urging women to embrace their independence and self-worth.

In this exclusive interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Sherry Argov delves into the inspiration behind her books, sharing insights gained from interviews with hundreds of men and offering practical advice for navigating the complexities of modern relationships. From debunking myths about romance to empowering women to stand up for themselves, Argov’s wisdom shines through as she encourages readers to prioritise their own happiness and fulfilment.

As her bestselling books continue to soar to the top of international bestseller lists and inspire readers of all ages and backgrounds, Sherry Argov’s universal message of self-confidence and empowerment transcends cultural boundaries. With each page turn, readers discover the transformative power of embracing their true selves and asserting their worth in every aspect of life.

Join us as we delve into the mind of this influential author and relationship expert, and uncover the keys to building healthier, more fulfilling partnerships in a world where love and self-respect reign supreme.

Your books, Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches, have been acclaimed as insightful relationship guides garnering significant attention and praise. What inspired you to write these books, and what do you hope readers will take away from them?

Thank you for your kind words, which are very gracious. My inspiration came from the insightful feedback that I received from many men I interviewed who shared what they secretly respect and desire in a woman. It was very surprising to me to learn that the traits men want are the opposite of what most women believe. Most women believe they will be valued more if they try harder and do more to please their boyfriends or husbands. In my interviews with men, they explained that they do not want a woman who consistently sacrifices herself and who puts him on a pedestal. Instead, men desire and respect a woman who is more self-assured, independent and confident in herself, and less needy of reassurance from him. The message of my books is to always keep your life, maintain your independence  and to pursue other interests outside of your relationship. My message to women is to always stand on your own two feet. Your happiness should not depend on another person. 

Both of your books delve into the dynamics of romantic relationships and offer practical advice for women seeking to assert themselves and navigate the dating world more confidently. What are some common misconceptions about relationships that you address through your writing?

Let’s start with the misconception that if you are all-giving, overly generous and always available, you will get the same in return. Most women have given too much of themselves in a relationship and relate to the feeling of being taken for granted. My books explain why giving too much to someone (especially someone you’ve just met) may backfire, and why it doesn’t always lead to the desired response from your partner in return. Successful relationships take time and people tend to value what they’ve earned. My books give specific examples that lead to a more balanced and successful relationship.

Another misconception is that a woman’s beauty will lead to success in relationships. Most women are led to believe that if she is beautiful, a man will appear on a white horse,  pay all her bills and solve all her problems. Yet beautiful women can have terrible relationships, while ordinary women are treated like queens. The men I interviewed desire a woman who has her own values, principles, goals, and a strong sense of who she is. They also shared that it’s rare  to find a woman who believes in herself. This is not just my opinion. It’s what men told me over and over. A confident woman is never ordinary.

In Why Men Love Bitches, and Why Men Marry Bitches you emphasize the importance of women standing up for themselves and maintaining their independence in relationships. Can you elaborate on why you believe these qualities are attractive to men, and how they contribute to healthier and more fulfilling partnerships?

Men like a challenge, and they want an equal partner. When a woman has a dynamic, interesting life, men want to be a part of it. It draws them in. Most men will be more appreciative that a woman who has to make time for him and they tend to work harder to become a part of that woman’s life. When I talk about being a “challenge” I’m not only referring to how quickly a relationship is consummated in the bedroom. A woman who is a “challenge” doesn’t move a man to the top of her priority list within the first week and pick up the phone on the first ring. She doesn’t text multiple times a day. If she is interested in her own life, it shows. When a woman has goals, activities, interests and a fuller life outside of a relationship, and she isn’t available all the time, most men will respect her time and attention much more.

Your work has been featured in numerous magazines worldwide and you have made appearances on national television. How do you feel about the widespread impact and recognition of your books, particularly in influencing discussions about relationships?

 It is fulfilling to know that I have helped women and that I can earn a living doing something I enjoy. With regard to public recognition, it’s a two-edged sword. Being in the public eye exposes you to people voicing their opinions online anonymously, and you don’t always see the best side of human nature on the internet when they can hide behind a fake name. However, every day I am inspired by the many women who were  helped by my books, and who feel much more confident and empowered after reading them.  I enjoy hearing all the success stories from my readers.

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Your books have been translated into over thirty languages and continue to be bestsellers worldwide. What do you think contributes to the universal appeal and relevance of your insights on relationships across different cultures and societies?

People from different countries may speak different languages, and eat different foods. But all human beings want love, dignity and respect. The emails that I receive from a woman in Europe will usually express the same feelings, insecurities, concerns and hopes as an email that I receive from a woman in India, or Latin America. Thank goodness for Google translate. The people who read my books are also very diverse in age. My audience includes men and women including pre-teens, college aged-women, middle-aged people, mothers, fathers, and senior citizens who are re-entering the dating scene late in life. I find it fascinating to see how similar we all are particularly in romantic relationships. If you’re a woman reading this and you are struggling with something, you are not alone. 

As a bestselling author and relationship expert, what advice would you give to women who may be struggling to find their voice or assert themselves in their relationships? Are there any key principles or strategies from your books that you believe are particularly important for women to embrace in their romantic lives?

When you begin to assert yourself, be clear, be respectful and speak your mind. Say what you mean and mean what you say. But don’t say it meanly. It’s never mean to let a man hear you speak your truth and see you stand up for yourself.  When you believe in yourself, your partner will believe in you more as well. He will respect you more when you show respect for yourself. It’s important to remember that a man should never be the reason you are happy. He should add to your happiness. Remind yourself daily that you are worthy and you deserve to be happy. It’s a mindset. Choose your dignity and peace of mind over impressing others. Once you start to believe in yourself, things start to change for the better. Confidence is a superpower. 

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