Unveiling Hidden Truths in a Mass Awakening Shoshi Herscu

From Mainstream Journalism to Exposing Covert Agendas and Inspiring Global Change

Shoshi Herscu discusses her transition from mainstream journalism to alternative media, uncovering covert agendas, and inspiring global change through her book ‘Mass Awakening,’ offering both stark realities and hopeful insights.

Shoshi Herscu, a seasoned journalist and author, brings a wealth of experience and insight to her work, “Mass Awakening.” With an MBA from the University of Humberside (now the University of Lincoln) in Hull, England, and a BA in English linguistics and special education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Herscu’s academic background is as diverse as her professional journey. She has penned in-depth articles on advanced technologies for PCON magazine, catered to IT executives in Israel, and later managed content for IsraelAgri.com, an international portal on Israeli agriculture. Her transition from mainstream journalism to exploring alternative media was a profound shift driven by a newfound awareness of hidden global agendas threatening humanity.

In this exclusive interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Herscu shares her motivations and the revelations that inspired her to write “Mass Awakening.” She discusses the challenges of uncovering and presenting controversial topics such as geoengineering and economic warfare while maintaining a message of hope and empowerment. Herscu also delves into the spiritual awakening she believes is crucial for humanity’s evolution, offering insights into how individuals can contribute to this positive shift.

Through her meticulous research and passionate activism, Shoshi Herscu encourages readers to awaken to the realities of our world and join the movement towards reclaiming our collective spiritual heritage and consciousness. Her journey from a mainstream journalist to a purveyor of hidden truths exemplifies her commitment to uncovering and sharing the deeper narratives that shape our reality.

Shoshi, your background includes journalism in technology and agriculture sectors before delving into alternative media and writing. What motivated you to transition from mainstream topics to exploring hidden truths and alternative narratives?

I never planned to transition from mainstream topics to exploring hidden truths and alternative narratives. Yes, I’ve always been interested in the welfare of people as an Israeli activist for decades but never thought that there are hidden truths at all.

In 2013, I stumbled upon a covert agenda that posed a threat to humanity and the planet as a whole. Initially, I brushed off such posts on my Facebook newsfeed. However, after a few months, as a seasoned investigative journalist and long-time activist, I had a sudden epiphany: what I initially deemed as far-fetched conspiracy turned out to be true. The abundance of evidence I uncovered left me overwhelmed and utterly shocked. Mass Awakening covers a wide array of controversial topics, from geoengineering to economic warfare, presenting a grim reality alongside a message of hope and awakening. What inspired you to delve into such challenging subject matter, and what do you hope readers will take away from your book?

As an activist for over a decade at that time, I was horrified to learn about the dark agenda against humanity. I had to do something about these revelations. Conversations with individuals in Israel and around the globe revealed a pervasive sense of hopelessness, prompting me to share this remarkable insight with the world.

This profound understanding inspired me to write the book Mass Awakening in July 2017. I felt compelled to offer hope, as my research indicated that the current state of affairs was akin to the proverbial “darkest before dawn” scenario.

Your book discusses the concept of a global agenda of mass depopulation and exploitation, backed by in-depth research and whistleblower testimonies. What challenges did you face while researching and writing about such sensitive and complex issues, and how did you ensure the accuracy and credibility of your work?

Awakening to the truth on our reality was the hardest thing in my life. It was so traumatic that I had nights that I woke up and cried to whatever force, God, whatever term you feel comfortable using, to stop the heinous crimes against humanity; especially, against children. The information that I found from so many different sources challenged my own beliefs. It shattered everything I thought to be true in my own life and about everything in it. Awakening is a destructive process.

I gathered information from a multitude of sources and crossed checked them the best I could. I only used material which was verified from multiple, reliable sources that I vet for years. I knew that if the information in my book will not be top quality and accurate, people will ignore it just as I ignored the posts on Facebook prior to my awakening.

One of the key themes in Mass Awakening is the idea of humanity reclaiming its spiritual heritage and elevating consciousness. Can you share more about your perspective on this shift in consciousness and how you see it manifesting in today’s world?

I’ll give you some pointers of how this shift in consciousnes is manifesting today.

1. Awareness that the old systems are no longer effective. Exposing the dark forces controlling and terrorizing humanity in many ways.

2. Individuals are increasingly embracing spirituality, yoga, and meditation and other spiritual teachings.

3. The broadening of consciousness to include extraterrestrial phenomena, with even NASA acknowledging it, challenging our traditional belief systems.

You can see the farmers’ protests all over Europe and they are backed by the general populace which shows you that things aren’t as they used to be. The oligarchs, or those who were behind the Communists in Russia in the 1930s, managed to starve 7 millions people as a result of similar agenda rolled out in Europe today. It’s called Holomodor and you can read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor 

But now, people resist this.

Look at the resistance to the disastrous WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty”. In Israel alone, 50,000 people signed a petition against it and now some members of the Israeli parliament are suggesting a law to halt Israel signing this treaty.

Civilians are attempting to physically stop traffickers. I don’t think there was ever such a resistance to “the powers that be” on such a huge scale. 

In your book, you mention the establishment of tribunals to prosecute elite offenders and the emergence of hidden technologies and new economic models. What role do you believe individuals can play in contributing to these positive shifts, and what practical steps can readers take to participate in this awakening process?

Spreading information about the Cabal’s plans exposes them, compelling them to alter or postpone their actions. Recently, we’ve witnessed this effect when they had to temporarily withdraw from signing amendments to the International Health Regulations proposed by the Biden administration due to widespread backlash. African countries played a crucial role by withholding their support for these ‘reforms,’ while wealthy nations like Australia, the UK, and the EU pushed for their adoption. However, this is not a time for complacency. We must remain vigilant to ensure that our fundamental human rights are not infringed upon. Please continue to share this and similar information widely, as it can make a significant impact. Ignore the skeptics; they may not realize they are inadvertently supporting the dark agenda. The battle is not yet over.

I also disposed of my TV years ago, stopped reading and listening to mainstream news. Become informed; join relevant groups on social media.

Mass Awakening has been described as both intensely shocking and profoundly inspiring. How do you balance presenting difficult truths with offering hope and empowerment to your readers, and what message would you like to convey to those who may feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing humanity?

This book primarily focuses on the process of our collective awakening from this tyranny. However, to provide context, I first had to present “The Agenda” to elucidate the current stage of this struggle.

I balanced these horrific revelations by showcasing humanity’s awakening to the truth about our reality and reclaiming our power. Furthermore, I supported this mass awakening by highlighting the shift in consciousness, a spiritual process aiding humanity in evolving into a higher consciousness society. While revealing the shocking reality, I also offer hope for an amazing future for everyone. My message to readers is “we are our own saviors,” and we’re succeeding. Despite appearances, the Cabal is losing ground, a fact that will become increasingly evident in the coming years. We are currently experiencing “the darkest hour before the dawn” of this mass awakening.

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