Unveiling Grit and Grace:The Linny Lawless Saga

Exploring Passion, Imperfection, and the Art of Crafting Compelling Narratives

Linny Lawless: An Indie Author, Adventurer, and Master of Gritty Storytelling

Meet Linny Lawless, a name synonymous with adrenaline-pumping narratives and characters painted in shades of imperfection. Rooted in the Northern Virginia region near the bustling hub of Washington, DC, Linny Lawless emerges as a dynamic force in the literary realm, blending her love for books with an unwavering passion for thrilling storytelling.

In January 2018, Lawless etched her mark in the literary sphere with the debut of “Salvation in Chaos,” a tale that set the stage for her distinctive narrative style—a fusion of suspense, action, and heart-racing plots. An international best-selling indie author, Lawless crafts protagonists far from the conventional hero mold. Her fascination with the anti-hero, the character you’re inclined to dislike but find a relatable connection to, permeates her writing, urging readers to explore the depths of emotions—sadness, joy, love, and loathing—alongside her flawed yet magnetic characters.

Beyond the riveting plots and nuanced characters, Linny Lawless finds solace amidst the scenic backdrop of Front Royal, Virginia, sharing her days with her husband, Norman, and the delightful company of two Brussels Griffons, Verdy and Simon. Within this tranquil setting, Lawless delves into the realms of vengeance, her favored story theme, and the romance trope that invigorates her narratives—the journey from enemies to lovers.

In an exclusive interview with The Reader’s House magazine, Lawless invites us into her literary world, shedding light on her influences, passions, and the resonating impact of literature on her life. From cherished but lesser-known literary gems like “Transcendence” by Shay Savage to the enduring admiration for authors like Jean M. Auel, Lawless unravels the tapestry of her inspirations and her affinity for indie writers such as Rowan St. George and Shay Savage, illuminating the vibrant spectrum of genres that fuel her voracious reading appetite—especially within the realms of romance, suspense, historical, action, and adventure.

Lawless’s writing style, encapsulated in three powerful words—action-packed, gritty, and engaging—sets the stage for a visceral experience, urging readers to feel the emotional resonance embedded within her stories. With an ardent desire for readers to form a connection with her characters, Lawless draws inspiration from diverse sources—be it the pages of a book, a cinematic character, personal experiences, or the rhythmic cadence of music.

From a reader immersed in the world of indie romance to a celebrated author setting her sights on a gripping 2024, Linny Lawless’s journey epitomizes the fusion of passion, inspiration, and a relentless pursuit of storytelling excellence.

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey through the literary lens of Linny Lawless—a storyteller extraordinaire, poised to unveil her latest tale, “Heart Wrecker,” while crisscrossing the U.S. East Coast to meet and greet fellow book lovers and passionate readers alike.

Linny Lawless grew up, lived, and worked in the Northern Virginia area close to Washington, DC.  She’s a bookworm, biker chick, and international best-selling indie author. Linny published her debut novel, “Salvation in Chaos,” in January 2018, and she’s very passionate about writing suspenseful and action-packed stories. If Linny is not busy traveling, working, and writing, she spends her days at home in Front Royal, Virginia, with her husband, Norman, and 2 Brussel Griffons named Verdy and Simon. 

Linny writes characters who are far from perfect. The anti-hero is her favorite type of character to write – the bad guy you should hate but end up liking because you can relate to him somehow. Linny wants the reader to feel the characters’ sadness, happiness, love, and hate. Her favorite story theme is vengeance, and her favorite romance trope is enemy to lovers.

What’s your favorite book no one else has heard of?

“Transcendence” by Shay Savage

Which writers — working today do you admire most?

I admire Jean M. Auel, who wrote my favorite book in her Earth Children’s Series titled “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” which I read when I was only 12 years old, and it significantly impacted me at a young age.

Who are your favorite writers?  Are there any who aren’t as widely known as they should be whom you’d recommend in particular?
A few of my favorite indie writers are:

Rowan St. George and  Shay Savage

What genres do you especially enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading romance and the different sub-genres of romance, such as suspense, historical, action, and adventure.

If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would it be?

And what would you want to know? Steven King – how does he come up with all his story ideas?

Describe your writing style in three words. 

Action-packed, gritty, and engaging.

What do you want readers to feel or take away from your stories?

I hope readers can relate to my characters in some way emotionally, whether they love or hate them.

What are things that inspire you to write?

It could be a book I’m reading, something, a character I saw in a movie I watched, or something I’ve personally experienced. There are other ways to be inspired, whether by music or current events happening worldwide. 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I began to read books published by indie romance writers in 2016 and followed them on social media.  I enjoyed book release parties online and interacting with the writers.  I started attending romance book signing events and meeting my favorite authors. That’s when I knew I wanted to write and find my tribe of readers who would love my characters and stories.

What are your plans for 2024?

I plan to publish a gritty and action-packed book, “Heart Wrecker,” in March.  I’ll be attending four indie author book signing events along the U.S. East Coast (you can find details and tickets on my website).

Book Excerpt:

Book: “Capitol Corruption Series”

Written by: Linny Lawless



It was only 1:00 AM, but I had my driver, Mack, take me home. Well, my father’s home – an immense, four-story mansion in the heart of Georgetown.  I had cocktails with my dearest friend, Christina, at the Ritz Carlton.  She was there with her current flavor-of-the-month, Jack, a wealthy federal business contractor living in Annapolis, Maryland.  They brought along Brandon, a handsome young lobbyist on Capitol Hill.  Brandon was touchy-feely. His well-manicured hands brushed along my thigh as we sat in the Ritz dining hall.  The drapes were shimmery gold, with autumn colors of red and brown accentuating the chairs and décor.

It was getting a bit chilly outside, with fall leaves skittering on the sidewalk as we headed back to my limo.  Christina hooked her arm with mine, giggling. “So, what do you think of Brandon? He’s a newbie and a rising star around the Hill.  He’s got a boyish vibe to him.” She whispered, looking behind us at Jack and Brandon, staggering as much as we were.

I leaned my head to hers, “Oh, Christina. He’s nice. Charming, even.  But I think he only wants a chance to get under my dress.  That’s it.  I’m just not interested.”

When I stumbled into the main foyer of my father’s house, I realized that I was more drunk than I thought I was.  I giggled and hiccupped. My feet were killing me from being squeezed into a pair of black stiletto heels all night.  It was sometime after two by then, as the sweet smell of cigar smoke reached the foyer from the huge parlor, closed off to me by two black double doors.

I staggered toward the wide staircase, my heels clicking on the marble floor. My coordination was nonexistent as I made my way up the marble steps, gripping the cherry wood railing.  I looked up, and there he was.  I only knew him by what my father and every man in that parlor called him – Push.  I gasped and lost my balance, leaning back farther than I should and was unable to regain my balance.  I cried out, ready to accept the fall.  But his large hands reacted fast, grabbing my arms and pulling me back to him.  My cheek crashed against his hard chest.

“Be careful, Nadia.” The low rumble of his voice made my heart skip a beat.  His hold on me was firm but gentle.  I could only imagine what I looked like – a stupid drunk klutz in high heels.

He steadied me as I held onto the sleeves of his grey suit.  I looked into his dark eyes.  They were so intense!  I let him go like he was as hot as a flame to a candle. “I’m good!” I slurred, tearing my eyes away from him.  God, he was so tall!

He lifted my chin.  His brows knitted together.  “You’ve been drinking. “

I leaned away, “Yes, I have, Push!  I’m not allowed to be here when my beloved father hosts his private parties, remember?”  My voice was a pitch too high, and I slurred my words.   “And I always come home this way – drunk off my ass!”  I hiccupped.

Out of all the men in my father’s house, I had to slam face-first into him!  I had a massive secret crush on the mysterious man ever since the very first time I saw him when I was sixteen. 

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