The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs by Celia Soonets


“The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs” is a transformative guide, equipping entrepreneurs with actionable strategies to conquer fears and thrive.”

Celia Soonets’ The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs is a practical and insightful guide designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the often daunting landscape of fear in their journey towards success. Through meticulous research and first-hand experiences, Soonets offers a comprehensive understanding of the various fears that plague entrepreneurs and provides actionable strategies to overcome them.

The book is divided into four parts, each meticulously crafted to address specific aspects of fear in entrepreneurship. In Part I, Soonets delves into the nature of fear from interdisciplinary perspectives, laying the groundwork for understanding its manifestations and origins in the entrepreneurial context. She introduces her conceptual model comprising eight fundamental fears, validated through extensive research involving entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Parts II and III explore the external and internal fears respectively, dissecting each fear’s nuances and implications on entrepreneurial endeavours. From the fear of economic losses to the fear of feeling incapable, Soonets provides detailed analyses and practical approaches to confront and conquer these obstacles.

Part IV serves as a toolbox, offering invaluable exercises and methodologies for entrepreneurs to identify their predominant fears and devise personalized action plans for mitigation. By facilitating a structured approach to fear management, Soonets empowers entrepreneurs to transcend their limitations and optimize their chances of success.

Overall, The Wheel of 8 Fears of Entrepreneurs stands as a beacon of guidance for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, offering not just theoretical insights but tangible tools to navigate the turbulent seas of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience.

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