The Inspirational Journey of Joseph Fagarazzi

How Life’s Journey Shapes Stories of Empathy and Resilience

Joseph Fagarazzi’s story highlights his journey from a ridiculed child in Venice to a successful businessman and author in Australia, showcasing resilience, creativity, and inner.

Joseph Fagarazzi’s life reads like an epic novel of endurance, triumph, and relentless self-discovery. Born in Venice, Italy, on September 7, 1951, his early years were marred by the harshness of an unloving and dismissive family. The late 1950s saw young Joseph placed in a convent as his parents moved to London. It wasn’t until 1960, thanks to the intervention of his uncle, that Joseph was finally reunited with his parents in England. Despite facing a cruel and passive-aggressive father, Joseph’s optimism never wavered. He believed that hardship could be a driving force, propelling one forward to survive and thrive.

In 1977, Joseph married his Australian wife, and by 1978, they had moved to Australia, where he began managing clothing stores. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished, leading to the ownership of three stores over 22 years. Not stopping there, Joseph ventured into property development, successfully selling units and retaining several as rentals. In 2006, he transitioned to real estate, achieving a Diploma of Property Services and a Certificate IV in Property Services. 

Retiring in 2015, Joseph turned his focus back to his artistic roots and began writing. His memoir, *Escaping My Demons*, is a poignant reflection on his turbulent childhood and a testament to his belief in the power of resilience. Joseph’s journey from a ridiculed child to a successful businessman and author is nothing short of inspirational. Through his story, he aims to provide hope and guidance to those with similar backgrounds, demonstrating that it is possible to overcome adversity and find peace.

In our interview, Joseph delves into the emotional depths of his experiences, revealing what motivated him to share such a personal and painful story with the world. He discusses the cathartic process of writing *Escaping My Demons*, how it allowed him to confront his inner turmoil, and the sense of peace it ultimately brought him. Joseph also offers insights into his enduring optimism, sharing how he found the strength to persevere despite significant trauma and abuse. His advice to others facing similar hardships is both practical and deeply empathetic.

Our conversation also explores the pivotal moments and decisions that transformed his life, the importance of self-belief, and the power of persistence. Joseph reflects on his diverse career, from managing clothing stores to real estate, and how each phase shaped his perspective on life. He emphasizes the importance of igniting and sustaining one’s inner drive, and the transformative impact of creative pursuits in processing the past.

Joseph Fagarazzi’s story is a compelling testament to the resilience of the human spirit. His journey from an unwanted child in Venice to a successful businessman and inspiring author in Australia offers profound lessons in overcoming adversity, embracing creativity, and finding inner peace.

Joseph Fagarazzi’s book “Escaping My Demons” has won multiple awards, including the Outstanding Creator Award. The book is a non-fiction work that delves into Joseph Fagarazzi’s life story and his journey of survival and resilience.

Escaping My Demons delves into the deep emotional and physical hardships you faced as a child. What motivated you to share such a personal and painful story with the world, and how did writing the book contribute to your healing process?

 11 years ago I started writing a five-page letter to myself, it was to be a self-healing process. It helped “me” find a way to stop struggling with my inner emotional scars and a depressive state of mind, once I finished writing I then placed it in the freezer, It was a way to freeze the pain I was enduring at the time not realizing that 11 years later it became a stepping stone towards my memoir (Escaping My Demons).

As I was reaching the final stages of my book it dawned on me that jotting it down on paper gave me the inner peace I was longing for and realized that living with hate is not inspirational and finally understood that our time on this earth is ticking away and we should stop worrying about the past but instead we should be looking ahead to what makes us happy.

You experienced significant trauma and abuse from your father during your childhood. How did you find the resilience and strength to remain optimistic about your future, and what advice would you give to others facing similar circumstances?

 The self-belief was the hardest thing to gain but eventually, I realized  I was not the no-hoper my parents perceived me to be. I fought back my Demons, managed to survive, and succeeded in becoming a successful retired businessman by theoretically changing my ideologies and how I viewed things!

I started treating my life as a blueprint, it now defines the life I want.

The blueprint summarises the successes and failures we have and how we react to them.

Experiencing knockbacks, especially from my family throughout my life, caused me significant stress and for that, I constantly struggled with my self-worth. Opposing this belief was the hardest thing to do but I eventually realized that nothing changes unless you change it yourself. 

Your journey from being an unwanted child in Venice to a successful businessman and property developer in Australia is remarkable. What were some of the key turning points or decisions that helped you transform your life despite your early hardships?

 I learned to fight and work hard for what I wanted and I can proudly I never asked for free handouts because I always felt there would always be someone to remind me. I learned “Not” to change their characteristics because the burden/issues I carried were from within and I allowed my Demons to follow my every move.

They followed me in my darkest moments and not knowing what to do I hoisted the heavy pieces of baggage on my shoulders throughout my years.

At the time it didn’t register that only “me” and only “me” alone could resolve these issues with only a vision of clarity.

 After retiring in 2015, you returned to your passion for art and began writing your book. How have these creative pursuits helped you process your past, and what role do they play in your life now?

 My creative pursuits were monumental in achieving a life of happiness,

Writing my book although it made me relive the past, it also gave me inner peace to move on with my life.

My paintings were a form of rehabilitation or an intermission that kept my mind occupied by not thinking of the past.

 In Escaping My Demons, you hope to help others with similar upbringings. What specific messages or lessons do you want readers to take away from your story, and how do you believe your experiences can inspire others?

 I stopped making excuses by blaming the obstacles that were blocking my path to happiness.

The fundamental flow I had in my darkest days was to seemingly find excuses and blame something or someone for my misery, but I then realized that the latter would always be there and had to change my mindset.

I am hoping my story will inspire, have a positive impact and benefit those who faced and continue to face childhood trauma.

I would also hope that biased parents out there who purposely destroy their child’s mental ability to grow and prosper consider learning from my parents’ mistakes and start showing love and support not only to their wanted child but also to the unwanted ones that were born by mistake. 

 Your career has spanned various fields, including managing clothing stores, property development, and real estate. How did these diverse experiences shape your perspective on life, and what did you learn from each phase of your professional journey that you might share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

 I had to ignite the fire in me and keep it burning to succeed! 

My will and determination to survive have always been my strength and above all the love and support of a loving wife by my side.

Persistence is the key, keep following your dream and never give up!

I continued to believe that by keeping the fire burning within, you will then discover that the hardship bestowed on you will make you stronger and more determined than ever. 

Don’t let your ego take over your success and show a little respect and empathy to those worse off than you, cherish your achievements and if you can help others.

Consider my book to be a survival life-changing kit, it is written by someone who has experienced hardship and eventually found happiness by moving on.

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