The Acktus Trials. by D. T. Kane


“The Acktus Trials dazzles with its immersive world, gripping narrative, and compelling characters, delivering an unforgettable fantasy adventure.”

The Acktus Trials by D. T. Kane, Book 1 of The Spoken Books Uprising, immerses readers into the captivating world of Oration, where magic lies dormant within the pages of Spoken Books, and literacy is outlawed for all but the wealthy few. Kane’s intricate world-building, coupled with a narrative that seamlessly weaves together elements of fantasy and adventure, creates a thrilling reading experience.

The protagonist, Baztian, emerges as a compelling figure, navigating a society where literacy and magic are controlled by the elite. His clandestine knowledge of reading and speaking spells sets him on a perilous journey alongside his master, Delirious, and the imposing Rox. As they venture through treacherous landscapes and encounter formidable adversaries like Hellar and Marla, Baztian’s resilience and determination shine through.

Kane skillfully unveils layers of intrigue and mystery, gradually revealing the truth behind Oration’s tumultuous history and the oppressive regime of the Readers. The revelation of the Keepers and their mission to liberate magic from the confines of elitism adds depth to the narrative, setting the stage for future installments in the series.

Throughout the novel, Kane’s prose is evocative, transporting readers to a world teeming with magic and danger. The pacing is brisk, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as Baztian navigates betrayals and confronts his own inner demons.

The Acktus Trials is a captivating debut that heralds Kane as a promising voice in the fantasy genre. With its richly imagined world and engaging characters, this novel is sure to enthrall fans of epic fantasy and leave them eagerly anticipating the next installment. The first five books in the series are available now, with book six on the way later this year. For more, visit

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