Stanislava Buevich –  An Interview with Filmmaker Turned Author 

Unveiling the Journey of a Multifaceted Storyteller

Award-winning filmmaker Stacy Buevich discusses her transition to novel writing,  inspirations for children’s books, suspense novels, and upcoming detective series.

Stanislava Buevich is a creative force to be reckoned with, seamlessly blending the worlds of film and literature in ways that captivate and inspire. Known for her distinctive style that intertwines surrealism and quirkiness, Buevich has carved out a unique niche for herself. She is a British writer and acclaimed film director whose unique, genre-blending style has captivated audiences across multiple mediums. Born in Moscow, her journey has taken her across the globe—from the USA to Finland, Switzerland, and now the UK—imbuing her work with a rich tapestry of cultural influences.

Initially gaining acclaim as a film director, Buevich’s repertoire includes numerous award-winning short films and music videos. However, it was during the global lockdown that she transitioned into the realm of novel writing, beginning with the enchanting “Maya Fairy,” a magical mystery inspired by her daughter. This marked the start of a prolific writing career that now boasts several novels, including the upper middle grade horror tale “Clearlake,” which draws deeply from her personal experiences.

Buevich’s academic background is as diverse as her professional one. She holds a degree in Psychology from University College London and refined her filmmaking skills at the prestigious Met Film School in Ealing Studios. Currently based in Singapore, she is embarking on a new academic pursuit with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at LASALLE University of the Arts. This new chapter promises to further enrich her storytelling capabilities as she continues to explore new avenues of creative expression.

With a new book, The Soultrapper, on the horizon—a sci-fi young adult mystery and adventure—Buevich shows no signs of slowing down. She is also working on several adult fiction projects under the pen name Stacy Kay, highlighting her versatility and breadth as a writer. Her upcoming works promise to offer readers a blend of suspense, magic, and deeply personal narratives, all delivered with the unique flair that has become her hallmark.

In this interview, we delve into Buevich’s multifaceted career, her transition from film to literature, and the inspirations behind her compelling stories. Join us as we explore the mind of this extraordinary storyteller, whose passion for narrative is matched only by her drive to create and connect with audiences worldwide.

What inspired your transition from being a multi-award-winning British filmmaker and screenwriter to delving into the world of novel writing? 

The short answer is COVID, but the long one is a bit more complicated. Before COVID, I was primarily directing short films and music videos for up-and-coming artists. I always wanted to write and direct feature films, but having no connections in the industry and being an introvert, I found it extremely difficult to get my projects off the ground. “Geoffrey’s Heart” was meant to be my debut feature film. I had the script ready and was collaborating with a producer. When COVID hit, everything collapsed. Suddenly, I was stuck at home with my very energetic, now home-schooled, four-year-old daughter, thinking I would lose my mind unless I found a creative outlet. I started writing “Maya Fairy” for my daughter, but it turned out to be a book for me. It was an inexistent genre meant to bridge the gap between children’s literature and women’s fiction. Obviously, the book wasn’t a huge success. However, holding the finished product in my hands, I realized just that – it was finished. I had made something precious for my daughter, and unlike “Geoffrey’s Heart,” I held something tangible, something whole and complete, something I could be proud of. From that moment on, I couldn’t stop writing.

Can you share some of the key themes and inspirations behind the children’s books you’ve penned, and what motivated you to craft stories specifically for young readers?

As I already mentioned, my daughter Maya was my main motivation. I wanted to write something for and about her, but also about us as a unit. Although “Maya Fairy” is still very much fiction, the emotions are all true. “Clearlake” was my second novel for kids, but I stepped up the age range. It’s meant for an Upper Middle Grade audience. It is also deeply personal and fictionalises my relationship with my mother. It is a horror story, and much of it is made up, but a surprising amount is not. My third book for kids, which I am launching soon, is “The Soultrapper,” a sci-fi YA mystery. From then on, most of my upcoming projects are for adults, which I will write under a different pen name – Stacy Kay (which is my nickname and married name). I do have a few more outlines for YA that I have yet to start writing. I have a diverse taste in film and literature and don’t want to limit myself to just one genre or age range.

Your upcoming suspense novel sounds intriguing. Could you provide us with a glimpse into what readers can expect from this thrilling tale, and what inspired you to explore the suspense genre?

I think all of the books I’ve written so far (except one, which is magical realism and political satire) have an element of suspense. What I write reflects my personal taste. Sometimes I think I should be more pragmatic and write for the market, but at the end of the day, I write books that I want to read. I have three books in different editing stages that fall under the suspense genre to varying degrees. “The Soultrapper” is a YA sci-fi mystery, “Alyona, Anna, Alisa” (working title) is an erotic thriller, and “Remember Bangkok” is a detective fiction novel, the first in a series.

You mentioned developing a new series of detective novels. What can readers anticipate from this series in terms of mystery, intrigue, and character development?

I was a huge fan of Agatha Christie growing up, and “Remember Bangkok” pays homage to her work. My detective, Jessica Tan, is a disheartened millennial who discovers her hidden talent for detective work when a guest at the hotel where she works dies mysteriously. I am currently based in Singapore, and this is my first book that is not set Europe. Jessica will travel across the world in the first and subsequent books, making it a real global adventure. I’ve been lucky enough to live in six different countries across three continents, and I’m a keen traveler. This series of books is greatly inspired by my experiences. I am halfway done with book one and have four more roughly outlined.

Your passion for magical realism and thrillers is evident. How do you infuse elements of magic and suspense into your storytelling, and what draws you to these particular genres? 

My taste in films and literature inspires what I write. Most of my favorite books—One Hundred Years of Solitude, One Hundred Shadows, Slaughterhouse-Five, Master and Margarita—fall under the magical realism category. Most of my films are horror, although of the subtle, comedic, often magical kind. Because I read and watch a lot in this genre, it comes naturally to me to infuse my own work with the surreal.

As you embark on this literary journey, how do you plan to connect with your audience through your blog, newsletter, and other platforms?

Gosh, I really should up my game when it comes to this. I am writing (albeit very slowly) a prologue for “Clearlake,” as a lot of readers wanted one. I will distribute it for free via my website (, where you can also subscribe to my newsletter. I always promise myself to be more active on social media, @Stacywritesbooks on Instagram and TikTok, but truth be told, I’m a bit rubbish at that. However, I am always on Goodreads, and I often post reviews of the books I read. I’m starting a Master’s degree in creative writing this year and planning to document my journey. Maybe that could make for an interesting blog?

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