Sins Revealed by Lynn-Steven Johanson


“Sins Revealed is a masterful blend of suspense and intricate plotting, keeping readers enthralled with its compelling characters and shocking twists. A must-read for fans of gripping mysteries.”

Sins Revealed, the fifth installment in Lynn-Steven Johanson’s Joe Erickson Mystery series, continues to captivate with its intricate plot and compelling characters. Released on March 12, 2024, this novel thrusts Detective Joe Erickson into a perplexing case involving a burned-out truck and charred remains. The initial identification of the victims—a young man and his cousin—quickly unravels into a deeper mystery when skeletal remains are discovered in their backyard, hinting at a tangled web of deceit and long-buried secrets.

Johanson’s straightforward narrative style propels readers through a labyrinth of family betrayal and murder, where every revelation peels back another layer of complexity. The novel’s strength lies in its multifaceted characters and the tension that builds with each twist and turn. Critics have lauded “Sins Revealed” for its suspense and emotional depth. Reader’s Favorite praises its edge-of-the-seat quality, while the US Review of Books acknowledges its complexity. Reedsy Discovery compares it to a jigsaw puzzle, each piece offering deeper insight into the overarching mystery.

Johanson’s skillful storytelling and meticulous scene-setting are highlighted by the Midwest Book Review, which promises readers a thrilling and chilling experience. Sins Revealed is a masterclass in suspense, a must-read for mystery aficionados who appreciate intricate plotting and rich, dramatic narratives.

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