She Serves the Realm by Lee Swanson


“ She Serves the Realm” captivates with rich historical intrigue, complex characters, and Christina’s daring quest for love and loyalty. Thrilling read!”

In She Serves the Realm, the fourth installment of Lee Swanson’s No Man is Her Master series, Christina Kohl’s saga continues with gripping intensity. After the death of Lady Cecily’s abusive husband, Christina and Cecily’s dream of marriage hinges on King Edward II’s approval. However, Christina’s exceptional abilities draw her into the king’s service, thrusting her into the perilous politics of a kingdom on the brink of civil war.

Swanson masterfully depicts the tumultuous era of Edward II’s reign, where Christina’s dual identity as Sir Frederick Kohl adds a layer of constant tension. The stakes are higher as Christina navigates the volatile demands of the Lords Ordainers, King Edward’s loyalty to Piers Gaveston, and the ever-present danger of her true identity being uncovered.

Without her mentor Herr Ziesolf, Christina relies on new and familiar allies, including the irreverent Reiniken and noble Sir Giles, adding depth and camaraderie to her journey. Swanson’s portrayal of these relationships enriches the narrative, providing both emotional support and strategic alliances for Christina.

She Serves the Realm, blends historical intrigue with personal stakes, creating a compelling tale of loyalty, love, and survival. Fans of the series will find themselves engrossed in Christina’s struggle to fulfill her royal duties and secure her future with Lady Cecily amidst the chaos of medieval England. Swanson’s vivid storytelling and complex characters make this a captivating continuation of Christina Kohl’s adventures.

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