Sarina Siebenaler – Sparkling Tales: Journey of Literary Wonder

A Writer’s Passion for Children’s Books and Poetry

PHOTO: “Creating whimsical worlds, one giggle at a time.” – Sarina Siebenaler

Sarina Siebenaler, an Arizona-based writer,
finds inspiration in family and art.
Her passion for children’s books shapes her journey,
focusing on humor-infused stories that spark a love for reading.
Through relatable characters and vibrant narratives,
she aims to nurture young minds.

Born and raised under the sun-drenched skies of Arizona, Sarina Siebenaler found her calling in the art of storytelling, weaving together a tapestry of words and illustrations that captivate young minds. Her life is a blend of family, creativity, and a deep-seated love for nurturing childhood literacy.

Within the walls of her Arizona home, Sarina resides with her loving husband, three vibrant children, and their cherished rescued Goldendoodle. Her household hums with creativity, laughter, and an endless source of inspiration drawn from the boundless imagination of her kids.

Driven by an unwavering passion for poetry, art, and the enchantment found in children’s literature, Sarina embarked on a writing journey illuminated by the desire to craft stories that not only entertain but also educate and uplift. Her dedication to creating children’s books stems from the belief that these stories serve as pillars in fostering literacy skills, sparking the fire of imagination, and nurturing social and emotional development in young readers.

 Sarina’s creative compass is guided by the belief that humor, skillfully woven into the pages of picture books, acts as a beacon, drawing children into the world of reading. Witnessing the profound impact of humor in fostering a love for books through the eyes of her own children has solidified this conviction. With each stroke of her pen and brush, she endeavors to infuse her tales with laughter and whimsy, turning each page into a gateway to joy and exploration for young readers.

When she isn’t immersed in the world of storytelling,  Sarina finds solace and rejuvenation in the great outdoors. Whether it’s the rhythm of her footsteps on winding trails during a run, the breathtaking vistas discovered while hiking, or the thrill of exploring new horizons with her family, these moments outside the realm of her stories provide the balance and inspiration that fuels her creative spirit.

Sarina Siebenaler stands as a beacon of creativity, a weaver of dreams, and an advocate for the power of children’s literature in shaping young hearts and minds. Her dedication to crafting stories that resonate with the innocence and wonder of childhood continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of literature, enriching the lives of young readers one tale at a time.

What moves you most in a work of children’s literature?

As a children’s book writer, I’ve witnessed how children’s literature has a remarkable way of stirring emotions and resonating with readers. Picture books often carry profound messages wrapped in simple narratives, making them accessible and relatable to readers of all ages. The innocence and authenticity found in children’s books can evoke nostalgic memories for adults who read to children. Its timeless lessons touch the core of human experience. The vibrant illustrations and poetic expression spark curiosity and foster a sense of wonder, inviting readers to explore new worlds and perspectives.

Who is your favorite Children’s Author and why?

That’s such a tough question. Books have been a huge part of my life ever since I flipped through my first picture book as a kid. But if I had to pick one standout, I’d have to give a shoutout to my current literary crush, the author and illustrator Jon Klassen. His creations, known as the “Hat” books in our household, are brilliant. His work is smart, funny, and his artistic style, while simple, holds incredible authenticity. Very clever work!

What do you read when you’re working on a book?

Children’s books, of course! You can randomly find me sitting on the floor of a bookstore or library in the children’s section with a cup of coffee in hand. Other writers and creators inspire me very much. My love for poetry and art between the pages of a picture book will always be close to my heart. It’s the foundation of our youth that inspires them and helps inspire life-long reading habits that become a generational cycle.

What kind of reader were you as a child? 

As a young girl learning to read, I found my passion for poetic verses. Dr. Seuss’s books were my companions, shaping the foundation of my reading skills with their delightful wordplay and catchy rhymes. These whimsical takes sparked my love for writing, a passion that lay dormant until I became a mother to three children.

Watching my kids eagerly anticipate our nightly picture book readings rekindles the enchantment I felt when I first discovered books. The glimmer in their eyes mirrored my childhood excitement. Like me, they were drawn to silly stories with playful rhymes, turning each reading session into a cinematic experience woven with art and poetry. Day after day, these stories forged in them a deep love for books, reminiscent of my journey into the world of literature.

Tell us about your work and what you are working on now?

I currently have two books for young readers ages (3-8). My first book is a silly and fun story titled “Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich!”. The sequel is a book titled, “Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn!”. I’m working on book 3, “Do Not Wish for a Christmas Elf!”. The 3rd book will be released before Christmas 2023. All three books have comedic themes that will surely bring the gift of the giggles to early readers. Stay tuned for more silly tales in the “Do Not Wish” …series!

How do you come up with the stories you write?

When brainstorming a new character, everything hinges on how that character will come to life in the story. If I can’t visualize their portrayal or establish that emotional connection, I keep brainstorming until I hit that spark. I always ask myself the following questions: How can they captivate and entertain the reader? What conflicts will they face, and how will they resolve them? And is this character relatable to a broad audience of readers?

What sets your books apart from others in the market?

Each book I write reveals a new character for the upcoming book. It’s a way for me to add a surprise element and provide excitement for each new book. Crafting these surprises and diving into fresh stories is incredibly exciting for me. There are endless possibilities ahead!

Tell us what inspired you to write your first book, Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich!

The idea for the ostrich character struck me when my kids started dreaming of having exotic pets at home. That’s when I envisioned this long-legged, skinny-necked, lightning-fast bird making its grand entrance into the story! I sincerely wish for this feathered friend and its thrilling adventure to keep bringing smiles to children’s faces. I hope the tale sparks their imagination and helps nurture their emerging reading and comprehension abilities.

Have there been any hurdles during the publication of your books?

As a self-published author, I handle everything from crafting the book to its publication and marketing. Along this journey, I’ve stumbled upon numerous mistakes. Navigating the marketing realm, especially using social media platforms, and building my website, has been a steep learning curve. The creative process is therapeutic, but delving into marketing strategies can be challenging. It’s a balancing act – time-consuming, yet incredibly rewarding too. Keeping abreast of continuous research and hard work yields countless benefits.

What are some rewards you have experienced during the publication of your books?

I have found immense joy from the love of readers, librarians, content creators, teachers, and even celebrities like Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and YouTube creators such as Storytime at Awnie’s House, who’ve embraced and shared my books, fills me with fulfillment.

I have a genuine passion for what I do. My hope is that the books I create will make a meaningful difference in households, classrooms, and young readers. The journey may have its challenges, but the chance to contribute positively to early readers and children through literacy makes my work all worthwhile.

PHOTO: Unicorn magic in every page, sprinkling joy and laughter!
– Sarina Siebenaler’s enchanting tale, Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn!


J.M. Northup

“Great story of support and friendship. It does a lovely job teaching kids not to walk away from uncomfortable things but to think them out so you can help improve conditions. A great lesson in thoughtfulness.

I loved that Kat didn’t get caught up in making her birthday just about her. She never lost sight that true joy came in sharing with her friends and family. Additionally, in helping Starlight.

Just such an adorable book. Great characters and sweet illustrations. I’m smitten and but these for my grandkids, who love them, too.

Highly recommend!!”


“I love everything about this book! It’s spunky, silly, and full of great humor (for both child and adult!) You can tell a lot of love went into this book. Both writing and illustration are creative and diverse, capturing you from beginning to end. (Reading sans child the first time) I was entranced with the words and flew right through the story! But I immediately started over to appreciate the illustration and view the story more through the eyes of a child and fell in love with it all over again. I could go on and on and on; it’s sweet and inspiring and makes you all warm and tingly inside 🙂 Before I was done reading, I was mentally making a list of people to share this wonderful story with!”

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

“Do not wish for an Ostrich for a Pet” is a creative, fun tale about a little girl who searches for the right pet. She considers a dog, but she remembered dogs can chew your shoes into tiny pieces. How about a cat? One of her friends had one who slept all day. Finally, the young girl decided on an ostrich. Was that a good choice? What happened when she fed her pet many apples? He did seem to enjoy them, until they got stuck in his throat. She called the vet who advised her to feed the ostrich lots of butter to make the apples slide down her pet’s throat. What kind of adventure did the two of them have when she took her big bird out for a walk? It certainly was memorable. The rhymes were very good and I loved the big illustrations and the entertaining questions at the end to see how well children remembered the story. I highly recommend it.”

Excerpt from the book(s):

Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich!

I called up the vet, Dr. Wally Kazoo,

“The apples are STUCK, Doctor!

What should I do?”

“Oh no!” Dr. Wally Kazoo said in shock,

“Go get him some butter –

a BIG, one-pound block.”

Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn!

We all marveled at Starlight,

who sparkled and shined.

‘Cause she sensed our intentions

were thoughtful and kind.

Do Not Wish for a Christmas Elf!

But then, when I looked up,

my grin turned to a frown.

Jangles’ snowman was made…

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