Ruins, Book One: Corpses in Armor By G.D. Giles


“Ruins, Book One: Corpses in Armor” by G.D. Giles is a riveting masterpiece, seamlessly blending history, drama, and suspense. Unputdownable brilliance.”

G.D. Giles’s Ruins, Book One: Corpses in Armor is a captivating plunge into the tumultuous landscape of Libya in 1942. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Giles weaves a gripping narrative of unlikely alliances and moral dilemmas that transcend the traditional hero-villain dichotomy.

The story revolves around Hauptmann Dieter Reineke, a German officer, who finds himself entangled in a complex web of alliances with a French-Algerian priest and a Jewish Resistance leader. Their mission: to protect a young Allied prisoner amidst the chaos of war.

What sets Giles’s work apart is her ability to delve into the complexities of human nature amidst the brutality of conflict. Reineke, a conflicted protagonist, grapples with moral ambiguity as he navigates the treacherous landscape of wartime Libya. The dynamics between the characters are richly nuanced, portraying the intricacies of loyalty, betrayal, and survival.

Giles’s prose is evocative, transporting readers to the desolate sands of the Fezzan with vivid imagery and meticulous attention to historical detail. The narrative unfolds at a brisk pace, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with twists and turns that defy expectations.

Corpses in Armor serves as a promising start to the Ruins trilogy, offering a compelling blend of historical fiction and family saga. With its immersive storytelling and nuanced characterisation, Giles’s debut is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

Ruins, Book One: Corpses in Armor is a must-read for fans of historical fiction, offering a poignant exploration of the human condition in the midst of war. G.D. Giles proves herself as a formidable storyteller, setting the stage for an epic saga that promises to enthral readers until the very end.

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