“The book captivates with its blend of romance and intrigue, showca- sing Herkness’s masterful storytelling prowess. A must-read!”

In Royal Caleva: Gabriel, Nancy Herkness once again demonstrates her prowess in crafting a riveting contemporary romance, this time with a dash of royal intrigue and suspense. The novel, part of her acclaimed body of work, is a testament to Herkness’s ability to blend passion and danger into a compelling narrative.

The story introduces Gabriel, the Duke of Bencalor, a man whose sense of honor leads him to forfeit his freedom—and his career as a flamenco guitarist—to save his cousin. This act of valor sets the stage for a tale that delves deep into the themes of sacrifice and the enduring marks it leaves on one’s life.

Enter Quinn Pierson, an American computer hacker with a complex backstory, tasked with unraveling the mystery behind Gabriel’s abduction. Her journey is twofold: a professional mission to track down the culprits and a personal voyage grappling with the emotions stirred by her proximity to the duke. Herkness excels in portraying Quinn’s internal struggle, creating a character whose resilience and vulnerability are both relatable and endearing.

The dynamic between Gabriel and Quinn is electric, their slowly unfolding romance set against the backdrop of an imminent threat that keeps the pages turning. Herkness’s attention to detail shines through in her depiction of Caleva’s royal backdrop and the intricacies of Quinn’s hacking exploits, grounding the story in a sense of realism despite its grandeur.

Herkness, known for her layered characters and meticulously plotted stories, does not shy away from exploring the complexities of class and duty. Gabriel’s nobility is intrinsic, not merely inherited, making his character’s journey all the more engaging.

Royal Caleva: Gabriel is a triumph of contemporary romance, seamlessly blending honor, passion, and peril. Nancy Herkness has delivered a novel that not only satisfies the genre’s enthusiasts but also appeals to those who appreciate a well-told tale of love against all odds.

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