Pierluigi Elia– Unveiling the Shadows

Exploring the Intersection of History, Mystery, and the Supernatural in Ombre

Pierluigi Elia discusses his transition from historical fiction to supernatural detective noir, the inspiration behind “OMBRE,” and the blending of real and mystical elements in his storytelling.

Pierluigi Elia’s journey into the literary world began with a serendipitous discovery that would profoundly shape his creative path. Born in Rome on April 28, 1966, Elia’s diverse career spans public administration and the publishing and graphic sectors. His passion for writing was ignited when he stumbled upon ancient glass photographic plates and historical documents, sparking a meticulous research and restoration process. This endeavor unveiled the life of an Officer of the Italian Royal Navy, inspiring Elia’s acclaimed historical novel Tra Cielo Mare , published in 2022. The novel, blending real and fictional characters within a vivid portrayal of an aristocratic family against the backdrop of wars, politics, and power, achieved notable success and critical acclaim.

In 2023, Elia further showcased his talents with L’ammriraglio, a photo book capturing the travels and experiences of Italian Royal Navy Officer Marco Amici Grossi. His creative prowess extends beyond writing, encompassing graphic design and promotional content creation. Elia’s latest work, the supernatural detective noir Ombre, published in October 2023, delves into the investigation of a journalist’s brutal murder in Rome, intertwining dark plots with mystical elements. As Elia continues to explore diverse narrative forms, his works resonate with themes of justice, moral strength, and the eternal struggle between good and evil, captivating readers with their blend of historical depth and imaginative storytelling.

What inspired you to write “OMBRE” and delve into the mystery genre?

I draw inspiration from everyday life, from events that actually happened, crimes still shrouded in mystery and left unsolved, news episodes that testify that evil exists, unfortunately

Can you tell us more about the protagonist, Pietro Barone, and what makes him a compelling character?

Pietro Barone, war veteran and now secret service agent, a family, a young daughter, apparently an ordinary and peaceful life.

Precisely by virtue of his past, however, he will be involved in a dangerous investigation, with supernatural implications. Someone will come to the rescue, a mystical and spiritual entity thanks to which Peter will unravel the intricate skein, bringing disconcerting truths to light

His sense of justice, moral strength, determination to pursue the Good are elements characterizing the character that make the reader passionate about his events and root for him

The synopsis hints at a blend of supernatural elements and investigative noir. How did you approach the fusion of these genres and what challenges did you face?

The inner voices, the apparitions of the Archangel, the demons, are so well integrated into the story that they take on the appearance of truly possible events.

Even the miraculous healings as well as the supernatural strength manifest in the eternal contrast between Good and Evil are welcomed by the reader naturally, a reader who suspends his judgment as he eagerly scrolls through the pages, enraptured by the evolution of the story.

The novel OMBRE represents for me the right mix between action and spirituality, instinct and reason, a dualism that runs through the entire book, a sacredness that permeates the protagonist Pietro Barone called symbolically and rationally by virtue of his past at the front, in action .

Enlisted by a Supreme Entity, he does not hesitate like a good soldier (albeit among a thousand doubts) to carry out his duty

Dry writing and a fast-paced narrative make the novel compelling, a perfect mix of creativity and mystery

The story seems to be set against the backdrop of the unsolved mysteries and power intrigues of Rome. How did you incorporate the atmosphere of the city into the narrative?

Rome is the capital of Christianity, home of the Holy Roman Church, centuries-old secrets are hidden in its bowels, it is a silent witness to the eternal struggle between good and evil

Politics, business, finance, corruption, power intrigues are the setting for this splendid city, holy and damned, with its esoteric and slightly magical side at the same time

Without revealing spoilers, could you share a little about the themes explored in “OMBRE” and what you hope readers take away from the story?

From reading the novel I hope that strong feelings emerge on which I have placed emphasis such as that of friendship (Pietro is surrounded by sincere friends), moral honesty, the search for the Truth (even when the path to reach it is full of difficulties ); if readers can grasp this spirit, then all is not lost and it is always worth fighting for the good

The description mentions a powerful force orchestrating events behind the scenes. What inspired this antagonist and how does he contribute to the tension of the plot?

Evil can hide anywhere, creep into the folds of the fragility of the human soul, fall on the weak and the innocent.

The whole novel is soaked in innocent blood and something that borders on anxiety, a shiver of apprehension continually pervades the reader and grips him as he searches for an escape route, a glimmer of escape from the “shadows” and the evil they represent, the pitfalls and fears that afflict many people on a daily basis and which Evil uses to overcome their defenses and penetrate their souls

However, the presence of Peter and equally courageous people who strenuously defend the good, at the cost of their own lives, calmed people’s spirits.

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