Michele Knight’s 30 Year Odyssey in Crafting Captivating Worlds

From Tucson to Tales – Unveiling the Inspirations, Milestones, and Literary Legacy of a Prolific Author

PHOTO: Enchanting Tucson’s literary maestro, Michele Knight, basks in the glow of her 30-year writing journey, weaving worlds that linger in the hearts of readers.

Michele Knight, a seasoned author with a rich tapestry of over 30 years in the world of writing, hails from the vibrant city of Tucson, Arizona. Her literary journey has been a captivating odyssey, fueled by a profound passion for storytelling and a genuine love for crafting worlds that captivate the hearts of readers.

Born out of a desire to escape into the realms of imagination, Michele’s writing has always served as a sanctuary, allowing her to explore and create landscapes where characters come to life. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Tucson, she has found inspiration in the sun-soaked deserts and the vibrant culture that surrounds her.

In 2011, Michele Knight marked a significant milestone with the publication of her debut novel, “Awakening Desire.” This inaugural work showcased her innate talent for weaving tales of love, passion, and intrigue. The success of her first venture paved the way for two compelling sequels, released in 2018, which further solidified her place in the literary world.

In 2023, Michele took a bold step forward, reimagining her trilogy with fresh perspectives and presenting them anew to her audience with stunning new covers. This re-release not only breathed new life into her earlier works but also demonstrated her commitment to delivering quality storytelling that stands the test of time.

Beyond her literary pursuits, Michele finds solace and joy in the company of her boyfriend, sharing the warmth of their home in Tucson. As a devoted mother of two adult children, she not only nurtures her fictional creations but also cherishes the bonds of family.

Michele Knight’s journey as an author is a testament to her enduring dedication to the craft of writing. With a repertoire of engaging stories and a spirit that continues to evolve, she remains a captivating force in the literary landscape, inviting readers to join her on imaginative adventures that linger in the heart and mind.

How did you get interested in writing?
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I always loved creative writing and English was my favorite subject in school. I started writing short stories. Then I wrote my first full length book Awakening Desire. Which I did end up self-publishing in 2011. The re-released it in 2023 along with the sequels.

Who do you most admire?
My mom. She inspires me every day to be the best I can be. She is the strongest person I know.

What is your favorite book that you have written and why?
I have to say I have loved every book I have written. They each hold a special spot in my heart. But if I had to pick, I would say Awakening Desire. The reason is because it is my first baby. But also, it brings to life and adventures of the Alcuv family. I absolutely love that family.

What writer alive or dead would you like to visit with and why?
I would have to say Jane Austin. I would want to know what went through her mind when she was writing. I would also want to know what she thought about her books being so well known today.

What is your goal when it comes to your writing?
Since I self-publish at the moment. I have a book calendar I try to follow. It goes up to 2025. I have one new release in 04/2024. I am planning on releasing the 3rd installment to my Bloody Series around October of 2024.

Who are your favorite writers? Are there any who aren’t as widely known as they should be, whom you’d recommend in particular?
Dean Koonz and Heather Graham are my favorites that are widely known. I do recommend B. Benford. She has amazing talent. I would recommend her books.

What genres do you especially enjoy reading?
I generally like to read romantic suspense and horror.

Who is your favorite fictional hero or heroine?
That one is a tuff. I think it is a tie between Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett.

What books and authors have impacted your writing career?
I would have to say Heather Graham, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Catherine Coulter.

What kind of reader were you as a child?
Honestly, I wasn’t much of a reader as a child. I had a learning disability throughout elementary and junior high. So reading was very hard for me. The first book I picked up was Phantoms by Dean Koontz. I read that when I graduated high school in ’95.

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