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Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Communication

Derek Borthwick discusses overcoming communication challenges, mastering
psychological techniques, and enhancing sales skills, offering practical tips and insights from his extensive experience and best-selling books.

Derek Borthwick stands out as a formidable expert in the field of communication, sales, and personal development. With over three decades of experience collaborating with some of the world’s largest companies across Europe, Derek has honed his skills and insights into the human psyche, especially in the realm of sales and effective communication. He holds a plethora of qualifications, including a special honours degree in science, diplomas in business coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Moreover, Derek is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, bringing a wealth of knowledge to his practice.

In his prolific writing career, Derek has authored five influential books, such as Inside The Mind Of Sales, Body Language: How To Read Anybody, and Public Speaking: How To Speak Effectively Without Fear, How To Eliminate Negative Thinking and How To Talk To Anybody. Each of his books delves deep into understanding human behaviour and offers practical techniques to enhance communication skills and overcome psychological barriers. His upcoming book promises to add yet another valuable resource to his extensive body of work.

In our interview, Derek sheds light on the common challenges people face in communication, from overcoming nervousness in business situations to mastering the art of making others feel valued and heard. He emphasizes the importance of controlling one’s state of mind and being aware of psychological biases that influence our interactions. Derek shares actionable techniques, such as the power of nonverbal cues and the strategic use of language, which readers can start applying immediately to improve their communication skills.

Derek’s unique approach, encapsulated in his Power2Mind program, integrates both conscious and unconscious learning. By targeting the emotional brain through repetition, imagery, and emotion, Derek’s methods ensure a holistic and profound transformation. His success stories, including remarkable personal transformations, attest to the efficacy of his techniques.

Join us as we explore Derek Borthwick’s insights and discover how to unlock your potential in communication and beyond.

What are the biggest challenges that people face when communicating with others?

Many people feel uncomfortable speaking in business situations or when speaking to strangers They worry about making a fool of themselves, not knowing what to say and feel nervous. If  not addressed, this can develop into a “runaway panic state”, and the neocortex or thinking brain shuts down which compounds the problem.

How can we can control our state to help us communicate better?

If you don’t control your state than someone else or something else will do it for you. Remember nobody makes you nervous, you do this to yourself by choosing how you to react to a situation. There are many techniques to control your state both consciously and unconsciously, one of which are my specialist “rapid learning accelerator” audio programmes that specifically target the unconscious mind to assist with this.

What are some of the psychological biases that we should be aware of? 

The first thing to realise is that while everyone is different, it turns out “just not that different”. For example, everyone likes to feel important and valued. People like to feel as if somebody is listening  and interested in what they are saying.  People won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. If you want to be seen as more interesting, then be more interested. People resist what they are told and accept what they conclude. They are more likely to comply if you give them a reason. It does not have to be 100% accurate just plausible. 

Are there some techniques things that you can share with the readers that they can start using immediately?

The first thing to realise is that people are remarkably self-centred. Think about a photograph of you and a group of your friends, when you see the picture who do you look at first?  At this point most people have a wry smile. Everyone is tuned to a radio station “WIIFM” which stands for “what’s in it for me”. You must address what it is in it for somebody when you are speaking to them. 

It is important when we are communicating with people that we show that we are listening too. One of the ways that we can do this is nonverbally, by tilting our head to one side at a 20° angle, and nod occasionally. This unconscious signal shows somebody that you are interested in what they’re saying.

When speaking never use “but” as this negates what they have just said. “I hear what you are saying….. but”. Use “and” instead as linguistically this joins two thoughts and does negate part of a sentence.

Could you give an example of a particularly impactful transformation you’ve witnessed in someone who has applied your techniques?

I’ve worked with a young individual where the results were miraculous. Initially he could not speak in public and had no confidence. We worked on both conscious and unconscious learning (using the audio programs). His sales improved, he entered a relationship and became the top salesperson. Recently he sent me a video by message and I had to do a “double-take” as I didn’t realise that it was him at first such was the transformation. He was unrecognisable from the quivering wreck that I first encountered. 

What sets your approach apart from other coaching and training programs, especially those focused on communication and influence?

Power2Mind targets both conscious and unconscious learning. There are four pillars to success (BSRA)

• Belief

• State Control 

• Rapport 

• Awareness

Power2Mind is based upon those pillars.

If you ask a professional sportsperson to explain what they do, they won’t be able to because they do it unconsciously. We must target both the unconscious and the conscious mind and the emotional brain. The unconscious respond to repetition, imagery and emotion. Power2Mind uses special techniques and audio programs to do this together and incorporates an emotional understanding. That’s the secret.

Why are you books different?

The first half of the books show how people are wired, and aim to get you thinking and to question certain pre-existing beliefs and assumptions. The second part of the books show a step-by-step approach to developing the skills. All books come with a complimentary audio that targets the unconscious mind to speed up the learning process. This means that we are using a multi pronged approach to gaining the skill.

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