Marc Polett’s Journey Through ‘Lily’s Wondrous World’

Exploring Nature, Friendship, and Imagination in the Pages of Polett’s First Literary Endeavour

Marc Polett shares insights into crafting Lily’s Wondrous World, drawing from personal experiences and aspirations, inspiring young minds to embrace nature’s magic.

Marc Polett, a passionate writer and storyteller, brings his readers into a world where nature’s beauty intertwines with childhood wonder in “Lily’s Wondrous World: A Day in the Park.” Inspired by his wife’s innate connection with animals and his own fond memories of exploring the outdoors, Polett’s book encapsulates the essence of adventure and friendship through the eyes of Lily.

Born and raised amidst the scenic landscapes of Gladwyne, PA, Polett’s upbringing steeped in nature’s embrace laid the groundwork for his creative journey. From capturing moments with deer and rabbits along the trails to immersing himself in the art of storytelling, Polett’s childhood experiences set the stage for the enchanting tale of Lily.

With a diverse background spanning from web development to finance, Polett found solace and fulfilment in the art of writing. His journey from scripting poems to crafting narratives reflects a seamless fusion of creativity and expertise honed through various professional endeavors. Through Lily’s Wondrous World, Polett invites readers to embark on a whimsical journey that celebrates the joys of nature and the magic of companionship.

In a conversation with Reader’s House Magazine, Polett delves into the inspirations behind his storytelling, the creative process of blending text and illustrations, and the profound impact of children’s literature on nurturing curiosity and empathy. With heartfelt insights and invaluable advice, Polett encourages aspiring writers to embrace their unique narratives and embark on their own creative odysseys.

Lily’s Wondrous World not only entertains young readers but also instills timeless values of friendship, exploration, and appreciation for the world around us. Polett’s enchanting tale serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact storytelling holds in shaping the minds and hearts of children, fostering a deep-rooted connection with nature and loved ones alike.

Marc Polett, author of Lily’s Wondrous World: A Day in the Park, shares insights into his creative journey and inspirations.

Your book, Lily’s Wondrous World: A Day in the Park, is inspired by your wife’s love of animals and your childhood experiences in nature. Can you share more about how these influences shaped the creation of Lily’s adventure?

My wife has always loved animals and seems to intuitively understand them, which is why they are drawn to her. It has always been this way according to my wife and her siblings. As a child, Elizabeth could often be found in the park feeding rabbits and squirrels. From a young age my wife has also had a love of horses and has ridden dressage for many years, even training at a prestigious school in France. When I wrote this book, I was imagining what a day of play was like for her while growing up. As for me, I also enjoyed being out in nature. I would walk the trails of Gladwyne, taking photos of deer, rabbits and the occasional fox.

As someone with a background in web development and finance, what drew you to writing and storytelling as your preferred form of creative expression?

Starting from an early age, I’ve always enjoyed creative writing, and wrote several scripts and poems which were excellent practice for writing in college, graduate school, and the professional world. I majored in Sociology at the University of Arizona, but also studied poetry and creative writing, which helped to hone my skills. I also enjoy graphic arts and coding which is what led me to web and mobile game development. An interest in the stock market and healthcare led me to my career in healthcare finance.

Lily’s Wondrous World captures the joy of childhood friendships and the wonders of nature. What message or values do you hope young readers will take away from Lily’s adventure?

I hope they’ll get excited about the outdoors and exploring nature. There are so many beautiful things to see and wonderful animals that can be found in parks, on trails, or even in one’s backyard. I also hope that reading my story inspires others to write their own. Everyone has a story to tell. This is my wife’s story and she trusted me to tell it.

The book’s poetic narrative and colorful illustrations make it engaging for children aged 4 to 8. How did you approach balancing the text and illustrations to create an immersive reading experience for young readers?

I wrote the story before I found my illustrator. When I met Vasya Baev, we were immediately on the same page for what we wanted to accomplish with this book. He loved the story and agreed that the illustrations should be a clear representation of the writing. I’m blown away by what Vasya created, and I’m excited to work with him again on  Lily’s Wondrous World: A Day at the Beach, which should be out in the fall.

In addition to entertaining children, Lily’s Wondrous World also emphasizes the importance of spending time with loved ones and exploring the outdoors. How do you see books like yours contributing to children’s development and well-being?

Reading is crucial for intellectual development during a child’s formative years, but it’s also important in providing perspective. The message in my story is to explore nature and to connect with others. My book focuses on connections with animals, but children should apply the same principle to making friends with kids their age.

Can you share any insights or advice for aspiring writers who are looking to embark on their own creative journeys, especially those who may be transitioning from different professional backgrounds like yourself?

Tell the story that speaks to you. I wrote this book because my wife’s story inspired me and I wanted to share it with everyone. I would tell other aspiring writers to read as much as they can and write about the things that interest them.

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