Lisa Bradley’s Multifaceted Career

Combining Words and Products to Uplift and Inspire

Lisa Bradley discusses her journey as an author and entrepreneur, emphasizing inspiration, creative product integration, and the therapeutic power of poetry.

Lisa Bradley’s journey from Bishopville, South Carolina, to becoming a multi-faceted author and entrepreneur is one of determination and creative evolution. As the eldest child of Viola Shaw and the late Charlie Shaw, Lisa’s educational path led her from Lee County public schools to earning degrees in computer technology, organizational management, and educational technology. Her impressive academic background is complemented by certifications in mobile technology, online teaching, and TEFL, illustrating a profound commitment to learning and growth.

Bradley’s foray into authorship began in 2016, and since then, she has published numerous poetry books and created a line of custom products, effectively merging her literary work with entrepreneurial ventures. This strategic move has allowed her to expand her reach and maintain the relevance of her work in a competitive market. As a certified author, coach, poet, and writer, Bradley has touched many lives with her inspirational messages.

Her diverse portfolio includes titles like Expressions of the Heart Inspirational Poems, Be Encouraged Poetry Book, and unique offerings such as Poetry in a Puzzle, which combines poetry with crossword puzzles. Bradley’s work is characterized by a strong emphasis on encouragement, hope, and the therapeutic power of writing. Her poetry serves as a beacon of positivity, crafted to uplift and inspire readers facing their own challenges. Through her creative endeavors, Lisa Bradley continues to foster a sense of peace and motivation, embodying her belief in the transformative power of words and faith.

Lisa, you embarked on your journey as an author in 2016 and have since expanded your reach by offering merchandise connected to your books. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind venturing into this aspect of your authorship journey and how it has contributed to your brand’s growth?

After all my family and friends purchased my first book, I soon realized I had no plan to make sure my book reached more people and stayed relevant. So, I had to treat my book as a business and create opportunities to make it more visible. Creating custom products that connected with my book was a way to do that. Customers love personalized items so I incorporated my poetry into products I felt customers would want to purchase. This opened a different avenue for me because not only was I an author, but I also became a small business owner.

Be Encouraged Inspirational Poems and Expressions of the Heart offer readers hope and inspiration through your poetry. How do you approach the process of writing these poems, and what messages do you aim to convey to your readers through your work?

My writing process is simply being in a space and place conducive for writing. Being in the right frame of mind to write.  My poems are prompted by a particular situation or problem, or it could be just how I’m feeling. I ask God to show me what I need to say, and I begin writing. My message is simply to be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired. And whatever you are dealing with God already has it worked out.

Your book “Poetry in a Puzzle combines the elements of poetry and crossword puzzles, offering readers a unique and engaging experience. What motivated you to create this innovative blend of entertainment and inspiration, and what do you hope readers will gain from solving these puzzles?

I wanted to do something different but still stay within the theme of my poems. Sometimes we need a little break to clear our minds and relax. I hope readers will see that even when life gets hard, you can nurture your mind and soothe your soul with a good puzzle book.

Be Encouraged Word Search provides readers with an interactive and relaxing way to engage with your poetry. How do you see this book contributing to your mission of spreading encouragement and positivity, and what role do you believe activities like word searches play in fostering a sense of peace and relaxation?

Puzzle books, like coloring books or jigsaw puzzles, calm your nerves. Even if only for a little while, puzzles can take you away from all it all and block out the loudness in your life.

Your journey as a poet began later in life, but you’ve found it to be a therapeutic and fulfilling outlet for expressing yourself. Can you share more about how poetry has impacted your life and helped you navigate through challenging times?

My family was struck with depression. It was hard on everyone. But I found writing poetry allowed me to release my emotions. I had a difficult time praying and talking with God. Sometimes, I just didn’t know what to say so my writing became conversations with Him. I still believed in Him and never doubted that He could fix it. I just felt weary, and writing helped me say what I needed to say, hoping it would help others as well.

As someone who values encouragement and uplifting others, what advice would you offer to aspiring authors and individuals seeking to share their message of hope and inspiration with the world?

My advice would be to never give up. Keep writing. Keep believing and most importantly, keep praying. God will open the doors for you to share with the world what He has gifted you with.

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