Land of the Dragon by Steffanie Costigan


Land of the Dragon” is a mesmerising tale of resilience, magic, and adventure, crafted with intricate detail and rich symbolism.

Land of the Dragon by Steffanie Costigan is a captivating historic fantasy that intricately weaves together elements of adventure, romance, and magic. Set against the backdrop of a world torn by war, the story follows Eleanor Kuhn, a determined protagonist who refuses to succumb to the indoctrination of Nazi ideology. As she flees her homeland with her siblings, they find themselves washed ashore in the mystical Land of the Dragon, a realm brimming with unfamiliar yet strangely familiar landscapes.

Costigan’s narrative is immersive, drawing readers into a richly detailed world where every page is adorned with symbolism and depth. The protagonist’s journey from victim to fighter is compellingly portrayed, echoing themes of resilience and defiance against oppression. Moreover, the inclusion of dragons adds an element of wonder and magic to the story, enhancing its appeal to fans of fantastical literature.

What sets Land of the Dragon apart is Costigan’s adept use of language and her ability to evoke vivid imagery with her words. Each reading uncovers new layers of meaning, inviting readers to delve deeper into the intricacies of the narrative. It’s a testament to Costigan’s skill as a writer that the story resonates on multiple levels, leaving a lasting impression on those who venture into its pages.

Land of the Dragon is a remarkable debut that showcases Costigan’s talent as a storyteller. With its blend of history, fantasy, and romance, it’s sure to delight readers seeking an enchanting escape into a world where magic and courage reign supreme.

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