Defying the Odds – How Keith Storm Fought Cancer and Lived Eleven Thriving Years Against a Two-Month Prognosis

Key Insights for Overcoming Adversity, Grief, and Life’s Greatest Challenges

“11 Years” shares Keith Storm’s cancer journey, defying a two-month prognosis. Mary Storm intertwines their love story, complementary therapies, and life lessons, inspiring resilience and triumph over adversity.

Within the labyrinth of life’s most formidable trials, there exists a narrative that illuminates the depths of human endurance, love, and triumph. Such a story is encapsulated within the pages of “11 Years: A Biography of a Cancer Survivor with A TWO-MONTH Prognosis,” penned by the esteemed author Mary Storm.

Departing from her customary role behind the scenes, where she had long aided other authors in crafting their narratives, Mary Storm steps into the limelight to share a profoundly personal and deeply inspiring tale. At its core, “11 Years” bears witness to the unwavering spirit of Mary’s late husband, Keith, who defied a dire prognosis of a mere two months to embrace life with unyielding determination.

Through the pages of this motivational memoir, readers are invited into Keith’s extraordinary odyssey of resilience and renewal, where every moment is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. From grappling with the harsh realities of cancer to embracing complementary therapies such as Tai Chi, QiGong, and Tama-do, Keith’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own battles.

What distinguishes “11 Years” is its unfiltered candor, as Mary interweaves Keith’s firsthand accounts from his cancer journals with her own introspections, offering readers an intimate glimpse into their shared voyage. Through tears and triumphs, grief and love, Mary paints a vivid portrait of a love that transcends even the darkest of nights.

However, “11 Years” is more than a mere chronicle of cancer; it is a celebration of life, love, and the resilience inherent in the human spirit. As Mary guides us through the labyrinth of their journey, she imparts invaluable lessons on fortitude, positivity, and the profound impact of unwavering faith.

The acclaim garnered by “11 Years,” including the prestigious Five Stars from Reader’s Favorite and numerous literary accolades, stands as a testament to its profound resonance with readers around the globe. Mary’s narrative unfolds with a rare authenticity, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of all who encounter it.

Through the prism of loss and love, Mary beckons us to confront life’s adversities with courage, grace, and an unwavering belief in the resilience of the human spirit. As readers embark on this transformative odyssey, they are reminded that even amidst the darkest of shadows, hope remains a guiding beacon, illuminating the path toward healing, resilience, and ultimately, triumph.

Could you please share with us the inspiration behind writing “11 Years: A Biography of a Cancer Survivor with A TWO-MONTH Prognosis”? What motivated you to tell this story?

My husband always said he sure wished others knew what he found out along his 11 yr journey- about how to live longer than doctors projected. I urged him to journal when he felt up to it. As the years ticked on and one hurdle after another was tackled and life was lived as much as possible, Keith would often tell friends that perhaps she (he would point to me) will write my story. So when I lay awake on sleepless nights I would plan, in my mind, how I would write his book. When he passed March 2020 (during the very beginning of COVID) the book was furthest from my mind. But it was always in the back of my mind. I had been doing my own journaling here and there. So I eventually took our journals and remembered my sleepless planning and put it to work. What else could I do? Couldn’t go anywhere for a time, no friends to see, just two brothers and a nephew I saw occasionally. Bottomline is this-I wrote the book to help others survive longer when faced with a Cancer prognosis-AND, because Keith had wished for the book.

Keith’s journey with cancer is truly inspiring. Can you elaborate on the complementary methods Keith used, such as Tai Chi, QiGong, and Tama-do, and how they played a role in his fight against cancer?

Many aspects helped Keith to survive the eleven years rather than the two months the doctors projected such as: Positive mental thoughts (change your thoughts change your health), QiGong helped heal the physical body (he had a QiGong practioner give him healing sessions but well persons can practice QiGong for themselves to help keep their health in good condition), Tama-do treatments are also for the physical body using sounds and color (he had a Tama-do practitioner perform healing sessions using a whole array of tuning forks – activating them and touching various parts of his body to allow the vibrations to emanate to the correct sites), Tai Chi Keith learned to make the movements to give the physical body energy. He practiced Tai Chi many times a week for many years and sometimes was the instructor’s assistant helping others, and Dancing-ballroom, swing, Latin. Dancing gave Keith much energy even after his energy was depleted from chemotherapy treatments. Oftentimes he would receive 3 ½ hrs of chemotherapy Monday then was given another bag of chemotherapy which would continue dripping into his body for another 42 hrs- go back to get bag removed Wednesday and then several days later make his way to dancing with me. He knew if he could just get out on that dance floor a bit at a time he would feel much better. Dancing was his therapy as well.

The inclusion of Keith’s cancer journals in the book provides a unique perspective. How did his first-person accounts contribute to the overall narrative, and what do you hope readers will take away from his words?

I left Keith’s journals in tact as I thought that people needed to see it all in the reality he was living. He has much information in his journals that can help people just starting their cancer journey as well as those well into the long haul. Keith always wanted people to be helped with his journals and with the info in the book that shows how Keith survived so long.

“11 Years” is not just about cancer; it’s also a love and romance story. How did you manage to weave the love story between you and Keith into the narrative, especially in the face of grief and loss?

I had to tell the complete story- who Keith was and who I was at the time, we truly had a storybook love and yes storybook wedding (people talked about it for a long time). But also to show the type of people we are to handle with courage every step that was needed in those 11 years with the cancer journey. Many couples crumble under the extreme pressure and heartaches. Our union strengthened more and more each year. That’s why I urge those going it alone with cancer to grab onto a friend or relative (someone they can count on) and lean on them for help-don’t try it alone otherwise its pure hell. Telling our story gave me plenty of tears as I was grieving but in a sense the writing of the book was very cathartic as well.

Your book is described as an excellent choice for anyone facing adversity. Can you share some key lessons from Keith’s story that you believe can help individuals facing challenges in their lives, not necessarily related to cancer?

Never give up- Don’t Give up! Get your mind right – positive no matter what- if you constantly think you will get sicker and sicker or more in debt, then you will. What you think in your mind will be- Think on that picture of health or what your goal looks like and put whole focus on that being your goal and it will be.

Having assisted other authors before writing your own book, how did your previous experiences shape your approach to writing “11 Years”? Did you encounter any unexpected challenges during the writing process?

Everything we do is a learning experience. So, I learn and do and learn and do and learn some more. Knowing I helped others, helped me get my book done. Always unexpected challenges but I would stop gather myself and find the answer and proceed.

Congratulations on the positive reception of “11 Years” by Readers’ Favourite. How does it feel to receive such warm literary welcome, and did you anticipate the impact your book would have on its readers?

I am amazed by the award notices I keep receiving! My books have received a number of awards along with the Five Stars from Reader’s Favorite: 2023 Best Book Awards American Book Fest Double Finalist (health/cancer & death/dying), Pencraft Award winner Literary Excellence for my audiobook, nominated for the Eric Hoffer Award, Book of the Year Finalist for IAN, and BookShelf 2023 Writing Awards for Compelling Read.

The review mentions miraculous experiences at the hospital. Could you share a bit more about these experiences and how they influenced your perspective on life, loss, and the afterlife?

The stroke – I don’t want to give away everything- I can just say it can make people believers! It was a earth shattering experience. A must read!

The importance of dancing in the evolution of your marriage is highlighted in the review. Can you tell us more about this aspect of your relationship with Keith and how it became a significant part of your journey?

As I mentioned above, Keith kept dancing through out the eleven years as much as he could so that he could gain more energy. But of course we deeply loved each other and dancing was our way of the great connect- it healed us both along the way and paved a way so that we could continue with living.

If there’s one message or takeaway you hope readers will carry with them after reading “11 Years,” what would it be? And how do you envision your book making a positive impact on the lives of those who read it?

I hope they can say to any challenges or struggles in their lives that they can be there and be strong enough to take them on with positivity and inner strength!

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