Kate Hudson-Hall – Unveiling Tranquility A Deep Dive into Anxiety Hacks with Kate Hudson-Hall

In a world bustling with the chaos of modern life, finding tranquillity can seem like an elusive dream. Enter Kate Hudson-Hall, a beacon of hope for those navigating the labyrinth of anxiety. In this exclusive feature, we delve into Kate’s transformative book, “Anxiety Hacks,” exploring insights, accolades, and a glimpse into the wisdom she shares.

Kate Hudson-Hall is a renowned psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, podcaster and award-winning author. With a career spanning over two decades, she has dedicated herself to helping individuals overcome anxiety and achieve mental well-being. Kate’s expertise extends to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom technique (EFT), making her a sought-after figure in the mental health community.

What’s the last great book you read?

I recently immersed myself in “All Her Fault” by Andrea Mara, a captivating crime thriller extravaganza. Andrea Mara, being a skilled crime writer, weaves an excellent narrative filled with numerous plot twists.

What’s your favourite book no one else has heard of?

I hold a special place in my literary heart for “The Practicing Mind,” a guide that imparts wisdom on fostering patience, focus, and discipline in the pursuit of significant goals. It advocates a return to fundamental principles of practice, encouraging a child-like, trial-and-error approach, ultimately transforming the journey toward mastery into a rewarding process.

You’re organizing a party. Which two authors, dead or alive, do you invite?

If orchestrating a literary gathering, my dream duo would be the incomparable William Shakespeare, whose verses transcend time, and Charles Dickens, the master of vivid characters and captivating narratives. In the company of these literary giants, the party would surely be an enchanting fusion of poetic brilliance and Dickensian charm.

Which writers — working today do you admire most?

In the contemporary literary landscape, J.K. Rowling stands as a beacon of imaginative storytelling, enchanting readers with her wizarding world. Equally noteworthy is James Curtis, whose compelling narratives weave through the complexities of the human experience, earning admiration for his literary craftsmanship.

What kind of reader were you as a child?

As a child, I found solace in the enchanting worlds created by authors like Enid Blyton and later Irwin Shaw. These early literary companions ignited my passion for storytelling and the profound impact it can have on one’s well-being.

How did you embark on your journey of exploring anxiety and mental well-being in your work?

My journey into the realm of anxiety started with my personal struggles with bulimia age 18. I found solace in various therapeutic techniques, which eventually led me to become a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and an advocate for mental health.

Tell us about your award-winning book, “Anxiety Hacks.” What inspired you to write it?

“Anxiety Hacks” is a culmination of my experiences, both personal and professional. It’s a practical guide filled with proven techniques, tools, and tips to help individuals break free from anxiety-driven behaviours. The inspiration came from a deep desire to share effective strategies that go beyond the surface and make a lasting impact.

How do you approach anxiety differently in your book compared to other resources available?

My approach is rooted in combining therapeutic techniques like CBT, NLP and EFT with real, lived experiences. I wanted to create a resource that not only provides tools but also resonates with readers on a personal level, offering them a sense of understanding and empowerment.


“Kate Hudson-Hall provides some GREAT hacks for us all to use during these uncertain times.” — Professor Emily Mendenhall, Georgetown University

“An absolutely brilliant, inspiring, and hands-on book to have at your fingertips. The powerful C.A.L.M Your Alarm Technique is a life-changing way to relax immediately. A must-read for anyone looking for easy and effective ways to reduce anxiety.” —Judith Fuhrmann, (Ph.D.) researcher and author.

Editorial Review: “A practical and thorough guide to addressing anxiety issues written by an experienced professional psychotherapist.

Kate Hudson-Hall is an anxiety psychotherapist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. ANXIETY HACKS distills her knowledge into a practical and eminently readable guide to addressing anxiety issues through a variety of clearly explained techniques which include mental, physical and spiritual exercises. As she writes in the books preface, “You can’t begin to change your anxiety behaviors and start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one.” ANXIETY HACKS shows a way forward for anyone with anxiety issues, whether these be frequent and seriously detrimental to personal well-being or more infrequent, but no less impactful. It is a book that is designed to help the reader finally turn the page and move on.

Hudson-Hall’s is a holistic approach to overcoming anxiety which includes tips on how improving diet can have an impact on mental well-being. It is also one rooted in personal experience as the author herself suffered from anxiety issues when she was younger. When she is explaining her techniques, or her “Hacksters” as they are called in the book, the reader can be secure in the knowledge that Hudson-Hall is talking from a place beyond mere theory. The book opens up the author’s own toolbox of proven and practical techniques for managing anxiety and she is eager to share them around. Divided into seven main sections covering both familiar therapies including CBT and NLP, alongside breathing techniques and acupressure points, Hudson-Hall is comprehensive in her approach. Obviously not every method will work for every person but the author’s warm, conversational style guides the reader into finding out what may work best for them. In contrast to many “self-help” books, ANXIETY HACKS is crystal clear in explaining both theory and methodology. The layout and design enables easy comprehension of the material, bullet-pointing key facts and providing numerous useful diagrams. In addition, there are links to download bonus material and watch supplementary videos along with a list of suggested further reading.

ANXIETY HACKS is a comprehensive and approachable guide to managing anxiety issues and author Kate Hudson-Hudson-Hall’s warm, yet authoritative prose explains various techniques via clear instruction of the method and explanation of the theory behind it.” ~Kent Lane for IndieReader

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