Karina Sema – Aim of the Journalist

This interview is published on March ’23 issue of
The Reader’s House Magazine.  


Karina Sema is the author of the recently published book called “The Keepers of Ukronia.” She’s a Ukrainian girl, who’s currently studying journalism and working to get new experience and ideas for future stories. Her writing path began at 16, but at that time she was too insecure to show her works to the world. But here she is today, finally celebrating the release of her book. Reading and writing was always her passion, so she decided to share it with the world. She wanted to share her worlds with readers and show them the stories she lived through partly in her head, partly in real life. In every character She’s putting traits of personality of people in her life to let them not only participate in her real life, but also in her fantasy stories. She really wish for all her readers  to enjoy her current and future works and have fun exploring the land of Ukronia! 

What’s the last great book you read?

   It was the book by an Ukrainian author Evhenia Kuznetsova – Ask Miechka. It’s a very cosy story about two adult sisters going to their granny’s village to spend their summer with her. For every Ukrainian this story is indeed nostalgic, since as children we mostly spend our summer holidays at our grannies’ country houses. 

What’s your favourite book no one else has heard of?

Shades of gray by Carolyn Reeder. This is a book about a twelve year old, an orphan, who was left to live with his uncle and aunt. This is very interesting following all the changes the boy goes through and how his opinion changes due to his beliefs. 

Are there any classic novels that you only recently read for the first time?

That’d be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I love Jane Austin’s in general and always admire her way of writing and telling the story to the world. I absolutely enjoyed the novel and would for sure recommend it to those who haven’t experienced this masterpiece yet.

You’re organising a party. Which two authors, dead or alive, do you invite?

Without a doubt the first one would be John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. He’s indeed a genius of literature. I’d love to have an opportunity to have a chat with him. And the second one would probably be Tess Gerritsen. Her works caught my interest and I’d love to talk to her about so many different things.

Which writers — working today do you admire most?

As I already mentioned her name – Tess Gerritsen. I find her works fascinating and truly outstanding. The Ukrainian author, who I mentioned before as well – Evhenia Kuznetsova. Just the way she writes is really nostalgic. It takes me back to my childhood. There are a lot of authors I admire as well nowadays, but these two are probably my favourite so far. 

Who are your favorite writers? Are there any who aren’t as widely known as they should be, whom you’d recommend in particular?

My favourite is definitely John Tolkien. I admire his imagination and creativity. I find it incredibly inspiring.   

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