I, Major Ali Faik Bey by Erdal Kabatepe


I, Major Ali Faik Bey by Erdal Kabatepe is a moving tribute, seamlessly blending history and personal narrative to honour the bravery and sacrifice of Major Ali Faik Bey.

I, Major Ali Faik Bey by Erdal Kabatepe offers a poignant and meticulously crafted account of a remarkable life deeply intertwined with the tumultuous history of Turkey. Kabatepe’s narrative skilfully weaves together personal recollections with historical events, creating a compelling portrayal of Major Ali Faik Bey’s journey from his upbringing in Livana to his military service and ultimate sacrifice during the Gallipoli War.

This work stands out for its dedication to presenting the unembellished truth, drawing extensively from Martyr Major Ali Faik Bey’s diaries to provide an authentic and vivid depiction of his experiences in the 1st Balkan War and the Gallipoli War. Through Kabatepe’s careful curation and respectful handling of these historical documents, readers gain valuable insights into the realities faced by soldiers and their families during times of conflict.

The narrative not only pays homage to Major Ali Faik Bey’s courage and dedication but also sheds light on the broader context of Turkish history, touching upon significant events such as the Turkish-Greek War and the geopolitical tensions leading up to World War I. By intertwining personal anecdotes with historical analysis, Kabatepe offers readers a multifaceted understanding of the era and the individuals who shaped it.

I, Major Ali Faik Bey is a testament to the importance of preserving and honouring personal histories within the larger tapestry of national identity. Erdal Kabatepe’s meticulous research and heartfelt storytelling make this book a valuable addition to the canon of Turkish literature, offering readers a deeply human perspective on the trials and triumphs of a soldier’s life.

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