Haunted: Perron Manor by Lee Mountford


“Haunted: Perron Manor delivers relentless suspense, chilling atmosphere, and a gripping narrative—a must-read for fans of haunted house horror.”

Lee Mountford’s Haunted: Perron Manor is a gripping descent into the depths of terror, blending classic haunted house tropes with fresh, spine-chilling twists. Sisters Sarah and Chloe’s unexpected inheritance of Perron Manor sets the stage for a haunting journey filled with dread and suspense.

Mountford expertly crafts an atmosphere thick with foreboding, as the sisters grapple with inexplicable occurrences that escalate in intensity. From eerie sounds to unsettling apparitions, the manifestations within the manor weave a sinister web around the protagonists, drawing readers deeper into the mystery.

The discovery of an occult-laden study adds layers of intrigue, propelling the narrative towards a climactic showdown with the malevolent force lurking within Perron Manor’s walls. As tensions mount and the stakes soar, Sarah and Chloe’s struggle for survival becomes increasingly desperate, culminating in a heart-pounding finale that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

With its compelling blend of supernatural horror and psychological tension, Haunted: Perron Manor marks a promising start to Mountford’s Haunted series, promising readers an immersive and chilling exploration of the macabre. Brace yourself for a haunting experience that lingers long after the final page is turned.

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