Glenda Mitchell – Embracing Life’s Adventures

From Health Crisis to Intentional Living, Unveiling the Journey of Kicking Out The Bucket

Glenda Mitchell shares her transformative journey from a health crisis to intentional living, inspiring readers to seize life’s opportunities

In a world often characterised by routine and predictability, Glenda Mitchell stands out as a beacon of adventure and inspiration. Describing herself as an adventure-seeking, marathon-running traveler, Glenda infuses every aspect of her life with a relentless pursuit of challenge and growth. But behind her remarkable feats lies a story of resilience and transformation.

In 2016, Glenda faced a significant health scare that forced her to confront her priorities and embrace a more balanced approach to living. This pivotal moment became the catalyst for her introspection, prompting her to celebrate her accomplishments while realigning her focus with her core values. Out of this introspection emerged her book, KICKING Out THE BUCKET List, a deeply personal account that encourages readers to seize life’s opportunities and chart their own path to fulfilment.

In our interview with Glenda, she shares candid insights into how her health crisis reshaped her perspective on life and motivated her to amplify her impact beyond her immediate circle. Her passion for community, travel, and adventure shines through as she discusses the delicate balance between pursuing personal passions and fostering connections with people from all walks of life.

Through her book, Glenda challenges readers to reflect on their own lives, celebrate their achievements, and embrace intentional living. She offers practical advice for those feeling stuck or uncertain, urging them to draw wisdom from their past while remaining focused on creating a fulfilling future.

Glenda’s influence extends far beyond the pages of her book, as she continues to inspire individuals and groups to embrace change and pursue their true passions. Her hope is simple yet profound: to ignite a spark within others that will fuel a journey of self-discovery and positive impact.

As you embark on your own journey of self-discovery, may Glenda’s words serve as a guiding light, empowering you to embrace life’s challenges, celebrate your successes, and live with intentionality.

Your book “KICKING Out THE BUCKET List” is deeply personal, drawing from your own experiences, including a life-threatening health crisis. Can you share more about how that event influenced your perspective on life and inspired you to write this book?

Before my health crisis, I was already very motivated and prepared to try almost anything.  I had racked up a list of things that I had done that many people would only dream of.  I became frustrated when people told me about the things they wanted to do and never did.  I encouraged and supported them to “just do it”.  Following my health emergency, this desire to move others into action became stronger.  I felt that writing a book would increase my reach outside my immediate circle, beyond friends, colleagues or clients.

Your passion for community, travel, and adventure shines through in your writing. How do you balance these pursuits with your desire for unity and connection with people from all walks of life?

I have found that being prepared to try a broad range of pursuits has allowed me to connect with a wide spectrum of people.  Being able to hold my own in a running event has enabled me to build relationships with athletes.  Being prepared to learn more about history and art has connected me with artists and enabled me to converse with friends in Europe.  Prioritising time for people became a greater focus following my health crisis.  I have had amazing conversations with people at airports and churches, on street corners and in art galleries.  There are so many incredible places to visit and things to see, but no matter where I have been in the world, the defining factor has been the people.

In your book, you encourage readers to reflect on their own lives and celebrate their accomplishments. What advice do you have for individuals who may feel stuck or uncertain about how to pursue their passions and live more intentionally?

Most of us have heard or read advice to live in the moment and not let our past define our future.  This is certainly true when we have failures and hurts that are holding us back.  However, reflecting on our past can give insights into why we made the choices we did and even whether we would make the same choices again.  This process of reflection has proven to be an invaluable method of helping someone establish what they are truly passionate about, providing a basis to make intentional choices about the future.  It’s not about allowing the past to define us but rather using it to inform us.  Or to quote Winston Churchill, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. 

You’ve worked with individuals and groups, inspiring them to discover or rekindle their passions. Can you share a memorable experience where you’ve seen someone make a significant transformation in their life after embracing your guidance?

I have had the privilege of seeing many people embrace a change in their lives as a result of my influence.  It would be unfair of me to take all the credit for any significant transformation.  A major shift requires a concerted effort by the individual concerned.  One instance does stand out for me.  I helped one of my clients get back into running after he had tried unsuccessfully over many years.  Not only did he finish the event that he set his sights on, but the impact turned out to be far greater.  Soon after the race, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer and the doctors stated that his increased fitness levels were instrumental in bringing about what turned out to be a full recovery.

Your book challenges readers to disrupt their own lives and focus on what brings them true value and joy. How do you navigate the tension between societal expectations and personal fulfillment, and what strategies do you suggest for others facing similar struggles?

The world we live in thrives on a constant barrage of “experiences.”  Comparing your life to someone else’s carefully curated Instagram feed is an exercise in futility. What matters is finding your unique version of richness, one that fuels your passions. By establishing and embracing your definition of “enough”, learning to say “NO” to things that don’t align with your values or that drain your resources, you can overcome the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) trap. 

As you continue to inspire others through your writing and community engagement, what are your hopes for the impact of KICKING Out THE BUCKET List, and what message do you hope readers will take away from it?

For readers to learn to be intentional about what they choose to do and intentional about actually doing it.  Ultimately, my greatest desire is to equip people to thrive on their own journey and to pass on what they’ve learned to those in their circle to create a spark that lights an ember that ultimately creates a fire of passion and positive impact.

KICKING Out THE BUCKET List by Glenda Mitchell inspires readers to live life to the fullest, embracing adventure and intentional living.
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