Gershom Sikaala – An Exclusive Interview with the Renowned Mentor, Pastor, and Entrepreneur

Journeys with people through mentorship

Gershom Sikaala shares his holistic approach to mentorship, emphasizing financial freedom, spiritual growth, and sustainable success, while reflecting on the challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Gershom Sikaala is a multifaceted leader—an inventor, mentor, pastor, and entrepreneur—dedicated to transforming lives through mentorship. His unique approach blends the natural with the spiritual, guiding individuals toward success, healing, and wholeness in every aspect of their lives. Sikaala’s mentorship goes beyond conventional guidance; it’s about journeying together, empowering people to achieve financial freedom, and understanding how to harness their talents and gifts to eradicate poverty.

In this exclusive interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Gershom Sikaala shares insights into what makes his business stand out. He emphasizes the holistic approach his organisation takes in helping people balance various facets of their lives. By not only teaching individuals how to “fish” but also how to “grow” the fish, Sikaala’s methodology ensures sustainable success and genuine breakthrough thinking.

From his early lessons learned from a politically active father to his personal experiences on the streets of Los Angeles, Sikaala reveals how his global travels fuelled his passion for community service and mentorship. His work focuses on sustainability and long-term impact, reflected in his numerous books designed to inspire future generations.

Sikaala also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic, despite its challenges, offered unique opportunities to reassess priorities and value human connections over material achievements. He highlights how his business adapted by leveraging social media and virtual platforms to reach a global audience, bringing a message of hope and resilience.

Reader’s House Magazine is proud to feature Gershom Sikaala, whose commitment to impact and influence continues to uplift countless lives worldwide. Through mentorship, books, and webinars, Sikaala provides invaluable resources for personal and spiritual growth, wealth building, and relationship enhancement. His story is a testament to the power of mentorship and the importance of giving back to the community.

What is unique about your business? 

What makes my business unique is that we are in the business helping individuals succeed & be whole in every area of their lives, we help people balance the natural and spiritual. We mentor people & get them on their path to success & changing their outcomes for good and true breakthrough thinking.  Not only do we teach people to fish, but we teach them how to “grow” the fish. 

How and why did you get started in this line of work? 

I learned from my father who was a political figure. His philosophy was to always give back to the community and 

later on in life I developed my own passion after traveling the world I noticed that people need help, and a little love goes a long way. I have been to the streets of Los Angeles, Skid row and I used to give blankets, now I teach people principals of “how to” get out of homelessness. It’s all about sustainability. One of the reasons I write books is I know they will impact generations to come, so I love books. Each book has a story behind it to help inspire someone.

How do you deal with the stress of Covid-19? 

I deal with it by focusing on what is working, the truth of the matter is that as bad as Covid-19 was. There have been many opportunities to look at things with a different lens to value humanity over work. Life is more important than one could ever make or achieve, the world had to shut down, COVID 19 taught us how to value life more than all the material things, work and business.  COVID 19 taught us how important a hug is, and a handshake is.

What is most important to you in a company? 

The most important thing for us is impact and influence. We value every person, when we have an opportunity to aspire and mentor wealthy and rich alike.  

What was the worst part of business since the covid-19 started?

 I’m not sure I can use the word worst, because that’s not what we experienced. I’d rather say challenging. The most challenging part of doing business was figuring out what works. 2020 was a year of clarity and new opportunity where everything had to come together. During this time, I was inspired to write a book “Look at God” to bring hope to people feeling hopeless. 

What was the best part? 

Once we figured out a rhythm that works, we realized that we actually had the ability to have more people, the world, join our meetings. We’ve seen lives impacted and transformed.

How covid-19 affected the way of doing business? 

The lack of travel and in-person meetings was not easy, but it did end up working for our good because we quickly pivoted & started creating ways of working with people across the world and made new friends through social media around the world. COVID 19 opened up new streams of communication with the world around us and allowed us to bring a message of hope. 

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture? 

We offer mentorship, books, webinars on breakthrough thinking and mindset, wealth keys, spiritual growth and help for personal relationships. 

How do you advertise your business? 

We normally use social media, although we have figured those results have always been the most effective way to reach more people. Many people who join our mentorship either 

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