EXITS – Embracing Life’s Transience Through Poetry’s Eloquent Tapestry

Stephen C. Pollock’s Masterpiece Explores Mortality, Renewal, and the Beauty of Human Experience



Exits, a masterful fusion of poetic brilliance and profound introspection, captures life’s essence with evocative verses and captivating imagery.

Exits, penned by Stephen C. Pollock, is a poignant exploration of life’s ephemerality, resonating with the essence of mortality and the potential for renewal. Drawing upon nature’s imagery and metaphors, Pollock weaves a tapestry of verses that delve deep into the human experience.

This collection is a testament to Pollock’s mastery, showcasing a diverse array of poetic styles, ranging from traditional forms to the expressive freedom of free verse, even extending to hybrid creations. The inclusion of accompanying artwork enriches the reader’s journey, harmonizing with the written word to amplify its impact.

The accolades and awards that adorn Exits are a testament to its brilliance. Garnering the Gold Medal for poetry in the Readers’ Favorite 2023 International Book Awards and receiving recognition in literary journals and competitions, this collection stands tall among contemporary works. Its impact reverberates within the literary realm, earning acclaim and admiration from critics and fellow poets alike.

Reviewers have lauded Pollock’s craftsmanship, drawing parallels to revered poets like Seamus Heaney and likening the artistry of some pieces to Shakespearean sonnets. Kristiana Reed, Editor-in-Chief of Free Verse Revolution, finds Pollock’s work reminiscent of the great Irish poets, while IndieReader praises the formal poems as artful and masterful, comparable to the works of renowned literary figures.

The collection’s dedication to embracing life’s beauty and fragility echoes throughout the verses, showcasing a musicality of language that captivates and moves its readers. Pollock’s poems exude intelligence and poignancy, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who delves into this exquisite volume.

Exits is not merely a book of poetry; it’s a profound reflection on existence, a journey through emotions, and an ode to the human experience. Its impact on the literary world reverberates with significance, earning it the acclaim and reverence it rightfully deserves. For lovers of poetry seeking depth, beauty, and introspection, Exits stands as a magnificent and enriching work that beckons to be explored and cherished.


“Pollock’s poetry is brilliant.  The exploration of form is thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring.  Many of Pollock’s pieces are reminiscent of Irish poets like Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney.”

Kristiana Reed, Editor-in-Chief, Free Verse Revolution

“Full of wit, insight, and provocative imagery, Exits is a masterful collection by award-winning poet Stephen C. Pollock.  The formal poems are the best.  Some are sonnets as artful as any by Shakespeare or Ben Jonson.”

IndieReader, 5.0 stars

“Dedicated to the beauty and frailty of life, the poetry collection Exits exemplifies the musicality of language.”

Forward Clarion Reviews

Pollock’s poems are keenly intelligent and, at times, achingly poignant.  Any lover of poetry will come away from this sublime volume feeling richly rewarded.  It is a magnificent work.

Readers’ Favorite Reviews, 5.0 stars

Exits is a book that has profoundly impacted the literary world.”

Midwest Book Review

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