Dead Air by Scott Overton


“Dead Air is a riveting, expertly crafted thriller that captivates with authentic radio industry insights and relentless suspense. A must-read.”

Dead Air by Scott Overton delivers an engaging thriller that seamlessly combines the high-stakes world of radio broadcasting with a deeply personal story of survival. The protagonist, Lee Garrett, a morning radio host, faces an existential crisis when he discovers a death threat on his control console. Initially dismissing it as a prank, Garrett soon realizes the threat is real as minor harassments escalate into life-threatening attacks. Overton’s portrayal of Garrett’s unraveling life—marked by a failing career and a broken marriage—adds a layer of emotional depth to the suspenseful narrative.

What sets Dead Air apart is its authentic depiction of the radio industry, likely drawn from Overton’s own experience as a radio personality. The technical details enrich the story, providing a fascinating backdrop for the unfolding drama. The narrative is further enhanced by well-developed characters, including a blind boy and his teacher, who bring a glimmer of hope and a chance at redemption for Garrett.

The tension in Dead Air is palpable, maintaining a brisk pace that keeps readers hooked until the very end. Overton skillfully builds suspense, making each attempt on Garrett’s life increasingly harrowing. The book’s climax is both unexpected and satisfying, testing the protagonist’s resilience and determination.

Overall, Dead Air is a compelling debut that showcases Overton’s storytelling prowess. It’s a must-read for fans of suspense and those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes world of radio broadcasting.

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