Bryan Mitchell – From Dyspraxia to Authorship, A Tech Odyssey

Bryan Mitchell’s Passage from Zimbabwe to England,
Embracing Dyspraxia, Writing, and Technology

PHOTO: Bryan Mitchell: A Journey from Dyspraxia to Literary Triumph.
His story unfolds through resilience, technology, and a passion for writing.

Bryan Mitchell, born in Zimbabwe in 1984, embarked on a journey that intertwined resilience, determination, and a passion for both technology and writing. His early academic struggles were shaped by undiagnosed Dyspraxia, a learning disorder impacting his hand-eye coordination and handwriting. Despite challenges, his fascination with computers emerged, becoming a beacon of opportunity amidst academic setbacks during his Zimbabwean years.

The deteriorating economic climate in Zimbabwe propelled Bryan to seek new prospects. His quest led him to South Africa, where he continued his IT studies but encountered difficulties securing employment. Undeterred, Bryan set his sights on the UK, leveraging his ancestral ties to gain a visa, and finally found professional footing within the realm of technology.

While entrenched in his IT career, Bryan harbored ambitions of writing. However, the demands of his profession and the lingering effects of an anxiety disorder, a symptom of Dyspraxia, delayed his literary aspirations. It wasn’t until a pivotal moment during the COVID pandemic, when he took a temporary hiatus from IBM, that Bryan seized the opportunity to crystallize his creative thoughts into a manuscript.

The result was “Pocket of Humanity,” initially self-published but met with subdued reception. Despite setbacks, Bryan continued to hone his writing craft while persisting in his IT career. A formal diagnosis of Dyspraxia brought clarity to his challenges, fortifying his determination to transcend obstacles.

However, a professional crossroads emerged when Bryan faced redundancy along with his team at IBM. Empowered by the severance package, he redirected his focus. Revamping “Pocket of Humanity” into “What the Moon Left Behind” marked a turning point, heralding Bryan’s shift away from IT and towards a more profound commitment to writing.

This pivot culminated in the birth of his second book, “AG 499,” released in late November. Currently engrossed in crafting the sequel, “AG 500,” Bryan’s journey exemplifies resilience, a fusion of technological expertise, and an unwavering passion for storytelling that continues to shape his evolving narrative.

What genres do you especially enjoy reading? 

I enjoy science fiction and fantasy, especially if it is set in ancient prehistory.

What kind of reader were you as a child? 

I caught on to reading early and loved it.

What books and authors have impacted your writing career?

One of my main loves was Terry Pratchett, who has always been a fun read.

What books are you embarrassed not to have read yet?

Dune, I enjoyed the old 1980s movie and the Children of Dune Miniseries but never read his books, and I really should.

What book are you planning to read next?’

Dune I am planning to read up to the Children of Dune

What made you start writing?

I always had an idea for a story in the back of my mind but never got up the courage to put pen to paper

What have you learned as an author?

Get it done and down on paper; even if it is bad, it can always be edited and reread everything.

How has your dyspraxia affected your writing?

It gives me a bit of a different perspective on things, how characters would react, and what I think is a unique writing style that professional editors make readable.

Also, don’t ask me to sign your copy; my handwriting is so bad it could lower the book’s value.

What are your plans?

To write the next book in the AG or after-gate series, I plan to call it AG 500

What is it like moving country?

Coming from South Africa to London was a culture shock. The first time I ended up on a train was when I came to England. I was eighteen, but I adapted and slowly understood how it all worked, but it did take some time to get settled.

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