Brenda Hiatt – Crafting Romantic Adventures that Transcend Time and Genre

From Historical Romance to Time Travel Wonders:
A Career Spanning Three Decades

PHOTO: In this captivating portrait, Brenda Hiatt, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, is captured in a moment that reflects the essence of her literary creations.

Brenda Hiatt’s journey into the realm of romantic fiction began in 1992 with the release of her debut novel. Since then, she has woven a tapestry of over two dozen novels that traverse various subgenres of romance, captivating readers with tales of love, adventure, and triumph. Her novels are not confined by time or genre; they are bridges that transport readers across historical epochs, plunge them into the enigma of time travel, and invite them to revel in the magic of fantastical realms—all while celebrating the beauty of love’s enduring power.

In the world of literature, few authors have the ability to capture hearts, transport minds, and leave readers with a feeling of pure contentment quite like Brenda Hiatt. With a career spanning over three decades, Hiatt has mastered the art of crafting romantic adventures that touch the soul. From the moment readers delve into her enchanting narratives, they are transported to worlds where love and adventure intertwine in a dance of emotions.

Since her debut novel hit the shelves in 1992, Brenda Hiatt has gifted us with over two dozen novels that traverse the realms of historical romance, time travel romance, and young adult science fantasy romance. Regardless of the subgenre, Hiatt’s unique storytelling voice weaves tales that guarantee not only an engaging narrative but also the promise of a satisfying happily-ever-after.

At the core of Brenda Hiatt’s success is her innate ability to create characters that breathe with life and leap off the pages. Whether it’s the spirited heroines navigating the social intricacies of historical settings or the young adults facing otherworldly challenges, her characters are relatable, flawed, and endearing. Hiatt’s penchant for rich character development ensures that readers forge deep connections, becoming invested in the characters’ triumphs and tribulations.

In an exclusive interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Brenda Hiatt opens up about her literary inspirations and journey as an author. When asked about her dream party guests from the world of literature, she playfully suggests inviting Jane Austen and J.R.R. Tolkien, with a nod to the possibility of Mark Twain adding his wit to the mix. Hiatt’s literary tastes are as eclectic as her writing, as she struggles to choose between Elizabeth Bennet and Samwise Gamgee as her favorite fictional heroes or heroines.

Her early reading habits are those many of us can relate to—flashlight-under-the-covers moments, devouring stories with an insatiable appetite for imagination. Hiatt reflects on the impact of authorial revelations on her perception of books, noting how evolving societal standards sometimes reveal outdated elements in once-beloved classics.

But beyond her personal reading preferences and insights, Brenda Hiatt imparts wisdom to aspiring authors. Her advice echoes the sentiments of countless successful writers: read extensively, enjoy the process, and analyze what resonates deeply with you in others’ works. It’s through this attentive reading that writers hone their own craft and find their unique voices.

Brenda Hiatt’s accomplishments as an author are exemplified not only by her literary contributions but also by the recognition and praise she has received. “Scandalous Virtue,” hailed by Publishers Weekly as fast, witty, and fun, showcases Hiatt’s adeptness at crafting engaging narratives. Similarly, “Starstruck,” a delightful tale of a nerdy teen’s remarkable journey, has garnered accolades from seasoned authors like Justine Davis and Colleen Gleason.

However, amidst all the honors and praises, Hiatt’s proudest moment is rooted in her transition to independent publishing. She recounts hitting both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, a milestone that eluded her during her traditional publishing journey.

Brenda Hiatt’s journey as a storyteller began in her childhood, where she spun tales to amaze, amuse, and even frighten her friends. This inclination for storytelling laid the foundation for a career that has touched countless lives, whisking readers away on unforgettable romantic adventures.

As readers continue to embrace Brenda Hiatt’s enchanting narratives, they embark on journeys that celebrate the power of love, the allure of adventure, and the magic of storytelling itself. With each turn of the page, Hiatt invites us to believe in the transformative possibilities of love and to revel in the delight of a story well-told.


For Scandalous Virtue: “Brenda Hiatt handles the story beautifully: it is fast, witty and fun.” ~Publishers Weekly

Winner: American Book Readers Association (Romance Novel)

For Starstruck: “Hiatt puts a fresh twist into this fun tale of a nerdy teen’s life becoming an amazing adventure. Starstruck sparkles!” ~ Justine Davis, 4-time RITA award winner

“STARSTRUCK had me starstruck from beginning to end! A totally fun, unique take on science fiction and paranormal–with a whole lot of romance thrown in.” ~Colleen Gleason, NYT bestselling author

Winner: Book Buyer’s Best Award (Young Adult), National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award (Young Adult)

* Excerpt from the book.

(Opening scene from Starstruck)

I boarded the bus on the first day of school with a weird sense of anticipation. Even after nine years as the class dork, I couldn’t quite squelch a fizzy little hope that this year would be different. 

Maybe this year Jimmy Franklin would finally notice I existed. I was fifteen now and marginally less awkward than I’d been last year as a freshman. Maybe I’d do something wild and daring, like, oh, run for treasurer of the French Club. I might even get elected, since last year they’d had to arm-twist someone into doing it.

The familiar sour-stale schoolbus smell—like old french fries that had been baking in the Indiana sun all summer, with maybe a whiff of vomit—took some of the fizz out of my mood. It was the smell of a dozen past humiliations. Still, I clung to what I hoped was a confident half-smile as I headed for an empty seat two-thirds of the way back.

“Wow, Marsha, nice blouse.”

It was Trina Squires, of course—my nemesis. Trina was everything I wasn’t: pretty, rich, popular, athletic. And we’d more or less hated each other ever since that bracelet incident back in third grade.

“Get dressed in the dark again?” she continued.

My best friend Bri, who had about fifty times more fashion sense than me, had picked out my outfit—a cute white cap-sleeve blouse dotted with tiny blue stars, and denim capris. I totally trusted Bri’s taste. Not wanting Trina to think I cared what she said, I passed her before glancing down at myself.

Oh. Crap. Nice blouse, yeah—buttoned one button off. How did I not notice that before I left the house? Hitching my tattered green backpack a little higher, I tried to cover the neckline, where it was most obvious.

And tripped over Bobby Jeeter’s foot, which he’d stuck out just for me. I caught myself—barely—before I went sprawling, but that didn’t keep half the bus from laughing.

“You know, most guys gave that up back in fifth grade,” I informed Bobby, grabbing my glasses before they slipped off my nose.

“What can I say?” Bobby shrugged, not the least bit apologetic. “It’s still funny.”

More laughter.

Trying to ignore them all, I pushed my glasses back up, sat down in the empty seat and started rebuttoning my blouse as inconspicuously as possible.

Nope, it didn’t look like this year was going to be any different.

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