Breakdown By Lynn Nanos


“Breakdown by Lynn Nanos is a vital, eye-opening work that shines a much-needed spotlight on the flaws in psychiatric care.

In Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry, Lynn Nanos delivers a poignant exploration of the systemic failures plaguing mental health care. Drawing on over two decades of professional experience, Nanos provides a compelling narrative, shedding light on the dire consequences of inadequate treatment for the seriously mentally ill.

Nanos meticulously traces the historical trajectory that led to the current state of emergency psychiatry, highlighting the detrimental impact of hospital closures, shortened inpatient stays, and restrictive civil commitment laws. Through vivid case vignettes, she exposes the heart-breaking realities faced by patients, families, and frontline providers struggling within a flawed system.

The book tackles pressing questions surrounding accessibility to inpatient care, discrimination within mental health services, medication adherence, and the classification of borderline personality disorder. Nanos’s impassioned advocacy for legislative reform is palpable throughout, as she advocates for solutions grounded in compassion and common sense.

By illuminating the stark realities of psychiatric care through real-life anecdotes, Breakdown transcends academic discourse, offering invaluable insights to policymakers, practitioners, families, and law enforcement officials alike. Nanos’s unwavering dedication to the most vulnerable members of society underscores the urgency of addressing systemic deficiencies in mental health care.

Breakdown is a must-read for anyone invested in effecting meaningful change within the mental health landscape, providing a roadmap toward a more equitable and compassionate future for individuals grappling with severe mental illness.

Breakdown by Lynn Nanos

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