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Exploring History, Humanity, and the Heart through the Eyes of a Literary Artisan

Bobbi Groover discusses character depth, historical accuracy, equine influences, and the emotional tapestry of her
narratives in this captivating interview.

Bobbi Groover is a literary artisan whose tapestry of tales weaves together the threads of history, humanity, and the heart. Her upbringing, shaped by the serene landscapes of rural life, imbued her stories with the essence of authenticity, drawing readers into worlds both familiar and fantastical.

In an exclusive interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Groover delves into the depths of her creative process, offering insights into the intricate dance between character development and the exploration of human emotions. For Groover, understanding her characters is paramount, akin to knowing the rhythm of her own heartbeat. It’s this intimate acquaintance that guides her pen, steering the narrative through the twists and turns of their emotional landscapes.

Her narratives are often a journey through time, as historical settings serve as the backdrop for her vivid characters to inhabit. Groover’s meticulous research breathes life into bygone eras, ensuring that every detail resonates with historical accuracy while remaining compelling and engaging.

Yet, it’s not just humans who populate Groover’s worlds; her affinity for equines adds another layer of depth to her storytelling. Horses, as integral characters, mirror the emotions and struggles of their human counterparts, creating a symphony of emotions that resonates with readers in profound ways.

From the complexities of loyalty and deception to the tender embrace of love, Groover’s narratives explore the depths of the human experience. Each story is a tapestry carefully woven, its threads drawn from the fabric of history and the complexities of human nature.

As she embarks on her latest endeavor, TruDeceit, Groover once again invites readers on a journey through time, this time to post-Gold Rush America. Against the backdrop of historical events, her characters grapple with vengeance, love, and redemption, their arcs shaped by the tumultuous currents of history.

In the realm of literature, Bobbi Groover stands as a luminary, illuminating the human condition with her storytelling prowess. Through her words, she invites readers to embark on a journey of discovery, where history and humanity intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

Given your background in psychology and English, how do you approach character development and the intricacies of human emotions in your writing process.?

I never start my writing until I know my characters as well as I know myself. For me it feels more important than an outline of the story.  I always have a general idea of where the story is headed.  Because human emotions are so intricate, if one of the characters veers off course, knowing what’s in their head and their heart will decide if the tangent remains. 

Your stories often intertwine historical settings with vivid characters. What draws you to these particular periods in history, and how do you ensure historical accuracy while still crafting engaging narratives?

While investigating my family genealogy, I found many engaging stories within my own family during the American 1800’s.  To check for accuracy I drove many of the routes of my stories, visiting cemeteries and county courthouses.  To my surprise I found distant elderly relatives, delighting in their stories of long ago times. I explored their homes from a turbulent era with the secret passageways and ‘peep’ holes.  My discovery was literally a treasure trove of ideas and narratives.  I felt as if I had already lived my stories and simply had to write them down.

Your experience as a third-generation equestrian seems to influence your writing, particularly in the incorporation of equine characters. How do you balance the portrayal of animals alongside human characters, and what unique challenges or joys does this bring to your storytelling?

Horses have been part of my makeup as far back as I can remember.   Equines are named characters in my stories and often play important roles in the plot. How my human characters respect and care for their horses gives the reader a glimpse into their personalities as well as their view of other living, breathing creatures. A fourteen hundred pound animal can also create situations where a human might do something completely ‘out of character’ without shocking the reader while divulging important issues. The antics and feelings of the equines (yes, horses express a complex range of feelings if one chooses to listen) can wring emotions from the human characters in quite unique ways that might otherwise be challenging.

Inside the Grey explores themes of loyalty, deception, and love amidst the backdrop of conflict. Can you share how you navigate weaving complex plots while maintaining the emotional depth of your characters?

Alright, I’ll confess to a bit of madness.  Before putting pen to paper, I search the public domain for pictures of what my characters look like in my head. I then frame those pictures and pass them frequently on my daily routine.  Being greeted by name each time I pass, the personalities behind those pictures soon become familiar friends and eventually that makes them real, as real as flesh and blood.  Once I understand these individuals in depth, their best and their worst, the rest flows easily.  No matter how complex the tapestry of the plot, the hero and heroine make their thoughts and emotions known in my head.  Sometimes at night I awaken to find them gabbing that they don’t like the way I’ve portrayed them in a certain scene.  ‘They’ insist on it being changed to their liking, to wring out every emotion.  I grab paper and record what they are saying and feeling.  Needless to say, when the story ends and their pictures are retired to the walls of my studio, I am lonely for their constant companionship…at least until the next story begins.

Fun in the Yellow Pages appears to blend elements of juvenile fiction with themes of growth and self-discovery. What inspired you to write for a younger audience, and how do you approach crafting narratives that resonate with both children and adults?

My juvenile title was aimed at the theme of growth and self-discovery.  I had worked with a troubled youth as well as an abused horse.  The story tumbled out that perhaps the two might help each other. I interviewed the teenage son of a good friend to keep me on track and ‘inside the head’ of a fifteen-year-old so the narrative would ring true with my intended readers. 

In your upcoming work TruDeceit, you delve into a tale of vengeance, love, and redemption set against the backdrop of post-Gold Rush America. Could you discuss how historical events influence your storytelling and shape the arcs of your characters?

In TruDeceit Rafe Buchanan returns home from the gold fields, an event which changes the course of his life.  He spends the next sixteen years searching for answers for his grief.  Though a major in the Civil War, he prays for death in every battle.  Events completely out of his control change his life’s course again and again.  Unbeknownst to him, the bloody battle of Gettysburg which nearly ends his life, turns out to be the main event that saves him in every way. I use the historical events of the times to challenge my characters to secure their ultimate goal.  The story told is…when things are out of their control, does it bring out the best or the worst in them?

Inside the Grey is a gripping tale of loyalty, intrigue, and love amidst the chaos of war. Bobbi Groover weaves a compelling narrative, keeping readers on the edge with twists and turns. A must-read for those craving a blend of suspense and romance.
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