Anna Gomez – Weaving Realities, Flawed Characters, and Unconditional Love Across Continents

The Literary Journey of Award-Winning Author Anna Gomez

PHOTO: Author Anna Gomez, captivating hearts and minds
with her evocative storytelling and globe-trotting adventures in literature.

In the enchanting world of literature, few authors capture the essence of life’s raw emotions quite like Anna Gomez. An award-winning storyteller, she weaves intricate tales of flawed characters entwined in the complexities of love’s unwavering power. Drawing from her upbringing in a foreign land and her global escapades, Anna infuses her narratives with multicultural hues and vivid settings that transport readers across continents, making them feel intimately connected to each place.

Anna Gomez, a hopeless romantic at heart, unveils the genuine and transformative nature of unconditional love within her compelling novels. Her career as a Partner & Global Chief Financial Officer for Mischief and No Fixed Address adds a unique flair to her writing, granting readers glimpses into diverse worlds shaped by her extensive travels and everyday experiences.

With eight published novels to her name, including the critically acclaimed “The Light in the Wound” series, “Insipid,” “In this Life,” and “the Year I Left,” Anna has garnered multiple prestigious awards. Her upcoming release, “My Goodbye Girl,” set to debut in June 2023, promises another captivating journey through her poignant storytelling.

Collaborating with Actor and Producer Kristoffer Polaha on the “From Kona with Love” series has further solidified Anna’s place in literary excellence. Their collaborative works, including “Moments Like This” and “Where the Sun Rises,” have not only enraptured readers but have also been optioned for film adaptations.

Beyond her literary pursuits, Anna resides in Indiana with her husband and their furry companion, Izzy, a Sheepadoodle whose antics surely add color to her days.

In an exclusive interview with The Reader’s House magazine, Anna Gomez delves into her literary world, sharing her profound connection with literature, the inspirations behind her evocative narratives, and her upcoming projects that promise to captivate hearts and minds alike.

Award-winning author Anna Gomez is a hopeless romantic who writes about real life, flawed characters and the saving grace of unconditional love. Her experience of living and growing up in a foreign country plays a large part in her multi-cultural stories. Her full-time career and ability to travel extensively also add flair and individuality to the vividly written settings in her books. They transport the reader to faraway places and make them feel like they’ve been there before. Anna’s inspiration stems from the people she meets and the places that she’s seen. Her stories are realistic and honest, thought-provoking and impactful. Her love for poetry is evident in her writing style. To date, Anna has published eight novels (The Light in the Wound series, Insipid, In this Life, the Year I Left and My Goodbye Girl, which releases in June 2023), has won multiple awards and is currently collaborating on the From Kona with Love series with Actor and Producer Kristoffer Polaha. Together, they have written two books – Moments Like This, released in March 2021 and Where the Sun Rises, which released in October, 2022, which have been optioned for film.

Anna is Partner & Global Chief Financial Officer for Mischief and No Fixed Address, a network of creative agencies based in New York and Toronto. She lives in Indiana with her husband and their Sheepadoodle, Izzy.

 What’s the last great book you read?

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately (which diverts from my normal writing rules) to catch up on books I bought last year. I was surprised by how much I loved The Impossible Us by Sarah Lotz – it was the first fantasy novel I had read since I was a child. And I just got so caught up in the story that I was reading it at every opportunity I could – even while on tour in Athens, Greece. In terms of known books, I LOVE everything Josie Silver or Jill Santopolo.

What’s your favorite book no one else has heard of?

It’s not that no one else has heard of it but it predates today’s reading generation. When I was in high school (which was over 30 years ago), I read The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough. That was the book that influenced all the swoony, emotional words in me. It was about impossible love and the sadness and the emotional suffering in that book has permanently stayed with me.

What do you read when you’re working on a book? And what kind of reading do you avoid while writing?

Normally, I would avoid all romance books because I am so paranoid about having those stories influence the story that I’m working on. But lately, I had to read a few romance books to kind of get in the game once again. The last book I wrote was in 2020 and I’m finding myself to be a little rusty. I love thrillers and mysteries and non fiction books when I’m writing.

What moves you most in a work of literature?

Emotion, atonement, evolution, redemption. All sad things that save a person.

At what point did you decide to be an author and what was your path to publication?

I didn’t really decide to be an author. My mother passed away at an early age. We had a loving yet tumultuous relationship and her life was a path I didn’t want to take. Which is why when she died, I self published a book about her and me and the influences in my life that make me who I am today. I used a pen name, kept my full time career which was succeeding at the same time, and thought I could do this one book and run away from it all. It was highly therapeutic for me. One fan and one Facebook page later, I began to get a following. At the same time, a handful of agents were reaching out to me. It all happened in quick order. By 2015, I signed on with Vesuvian Media and Rosewind Romance, mid size publishers who have been very understanding about my life and priorities.

What do you enjoy most about writing? What do you find most challenging?

Writing is a stress reliever for me. I am able to take the stresses of the world, of my job, the people around me, and translate them into good and positive lessons and outcomes. But because this is not a full time gig for me, I often find myself out of time. I have to consciously make time to write, especially if I have an upcoming submission, or else, I will be doing other things.

Describe your writing process. Do you outline, plot or plan?

I do a little of both. In my head, I can see the start and end of a story. I am mostly an organic writer – meaning, I’ll write you a pitch but the details I will not know until I am thick into the process. I sometimes outline key events as I map out my chapters. But I would say, I am an 80% fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer.

Are any of your characters based upon real people you know?

Always! That’s how I anchor my writing on emotions. You have to know what you write about.

What book are you planning to read next?

I have so many books on my kindle! But I’d been waiting for this new Josie Silver book, A Winter in New York, and I have it ready to read when I get the time.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

Yes! I am currently trying to finish a project I signed on to with Rakuten Kobo Originals that is due to publish in September, 2024. It is entitled, Somewhere Along the Way, and it’s really a special story where I’ve incorporated many personal events in my life. At the same time, my book about my mother, One Day Like the Rain, is out for pitch. And as if that wasn’t enough, I am also going to be finishing our five book series, From Kona with Love, with my co-author (Actor) Kristoffer Polaha. We have three more books to go which we would love to release between 2024 and 2026! Not to mention those books have been optioned for film, and we are waiting to hear back on production.

PHOTO: Capturing the essence of love through the lens of life:
Award-winning author Anna Gomez, a master storyteller with a heart that beats in multicolored rhythms. 


“Absolutely beautiful and just the book I needed. “Chefs Kiss” ~NetGalley

 “My Goodbye Girl is an essential read for fans of highly accomplished women’s fiction and romantic dramas. There is tragedy to the tale, but there’s bittersweet beauty to be found in it.” ~K.C. Finn, USA Today Bestselling Author

“If you thought that a story could make you cry, here is a book that will break your heart. My Goodbye Girl is a story of love, loss, faith, commitment, familial bonds, hope, and resolve. It is for everyone who has suffered loss and avoids attachment for fear of losing more.” ~Jennifer Ibiam, content writer and neuroanatomist

My Goodbye Girl is a beautiful reminder to us that true love exists. Written in the best traditions of love stories, this promises to become a modern classic.” ~Nino Lobiladze, Readers’ Favorite

“Both whimsical and heartbreaking, this sexy, globetrotting adventure is a must read love story. Anna Gomez is a master of the genre.”
~ Kristoffer Polaha, Actor and Author of the From Kona with Love series

“A heart-wrenching tale of two people destined to be together. Simon and Tessa are fantastically portrayed as star-crossed lovers whose lives are worlds apart. Even those who are not fans of romance will enjoy the relationships, scenery, and beautiful prose of this book.” ~San Francisco Book Review

“A beautiful story of a woman’s quest to open her heart and let love in. It made me want to travel and fall in love all over again.” ~Willow Aster, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Libraries and readers interested in stories that hold lessons about growth within and outside of passionate relationships will find My Goodbye Girl thought-provoking, while book clubs looking for fiction about creating and anchoring past, present, and future possibilities will find plenty to discuss as Tessa and Simon confront seemingly impossible differences and a love that grows against all odds. – Midwest Book Review

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