About the Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence


At Reader’s House magazine, we are committed to recognising and celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity of authors who grace our pages. The Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence is a testament to our appreciation for the dedication and passion that authors pour into their craft.

This prestigious award is bestowed upon a select number of esteemed authors who have made significant contributions to the literary community. Each recipient is chosen based on the impact of their work, the quality of their writing, and their commitment to storytelling.

The Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence serves as a symbol of our admiration and gratitude for the outstanding achievements of these talented individuals. It is our way of acknowledging their unique voice, captivating narratives, and ability to inspire readers around the world.

As we continue to champion literary excellence, we are honoured to showcase the recipients of the Editor’s Choice Award of Excellence and celebrate their contributions to the world of literature.

Join us in applauding these exceptional authors and their remarkable literary achievements.

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