A Journey Through ‘The Stanfield Chronicles’ with David Tory

His Odyssey of History, Adventure, and Philanthropy

David Tory discusses his journey from software to storytelling, unveiling the hidden history of New England in “The Stanfield Chronicles,” blending adventure, resilience, and love across the ages.

Delving into the rich tapestry of history, our latest issue of Reader’s House Magazine brings forth an intriguing interview with David Tory, a multifaceted individual whose life’s journey spans from the intricate realms of software technology to the serene waters of philanthropy and award-winning authorship. David’s narrative transcends continents, weaving through the corridors of time to illuminate the often overlooked preludes to New England’s storied past.

With roots grounded in the United Kingdom, David’s early years laid the foundation for a profound curiosity about the forces shaping society. His tenure in the software industry, spanning over three decades, honed his analytical prowess, a trait later instrumental in unraveling the enigmatic origins of philanthropy in the historic lands of New England.

Yet, beneath the surface of algorithms and codes lay a passion that navigated him towards the vast expanse of the ocean. Boats and sailing emerged as guiding stars, leading David and his wife Helen on a thirty-year odyssey along the rugged coastlines of Maine. These maritime adventures not only became an integral part of their lives but also seeped into David’s storytelling, infusing his narratives with the salt-laden air of seafaring lore.

“The Stanfield Chronicles,” David’s magnum opus, stands as a testament to his inquisitive spirit and meticulous research. Venturing beyond the well-trodden paths of history, David unearthed the forgotten tales preceding the arrival of the Mayflower, breathing life into characters whose whispers echoed through the annals of time.

Central to the series is Isaac Stanfield, a character whose evolution mirrors the shifting tides of history. Through Isaac’s eyes, readers embark on a journey teeming with adventure, resilience, and love, seamlessly intertwined with the broader canvas of historical events.

Balancing the scales between historical accuracy and narrative allure proved to be David’s masterstroke. Each page of “The Stanfield Chronicles” bears witness to this delicate dance, where the past intertwines with personal arcs, forging a narrative both captivating and enlightening.

As accolades adorn his literary mantle, David remains steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge and storytelling. For him, the true reward lies not in laurels but in the joy of discovery and the whispers of readers lost in the pages of his creation.

Join us as we delve deeper into David Tory’s world, where history mingles with imagination, and the echoes of the past resonate with timeless allure.

Your background spans from a successful career in the software industry to community outreach and now, award-winning authorship. How have these varied experiences influenced your storytelling in “The Stanfield Chronicles”?

I’ve always been fascinated by history, more specifically why things happened. As a boy I read all G.A. Henty’s stories. As a systems programmer in my earlier IT career, I investigated esoteric bugs in complex software. I had to work out why something happened so I could fix it. Many years later I decided I would try and find out why it was so difficult to raise philanthropic dollars in New England. I assumed it had something to do with the Puritans. My research uncovered historical facts and conclusions not adequately explained. My research became an account of the early history of New England and that history became a novel. 

The Stanfield Chronicles delves into the lesser-known history of New England, particularly before the arrival of the Separatists. What inspired you to explore this period, and what kind of research did you undertake to bring this historical era to life?

New England history is generally considered to begin with the Mayflower in 1620. Yet the Separatists’ arrival was just one event in a saga of political, commercial and religious conflict, driven by certain individuals not generally known and whose motives were not adequately explained. My research focused on the early English historical accounts and the biographies I could find about those key characters, initially by exploring the shelves of secondhand bookstores and then from their bibliographies searching on the internet for further sources. I eventually reached the point when I realized I had arrived at a tipping point with about 400,000 words written down. I didn’t want to write a history tome, so I extracted from that mass of history the salient facts, events, people and timeline, to build the story of the life and loves of a young man. Isaac Stanfield writes a journal to his less adventurous friend describing his adventures as he becomes the observer and participant in the intrigue that drives the attempts to settle New England,

Boats, sailing, and the ocean feature prominently in your life and in your novels. How has your personal experience

My interest in sailing began with Arthur Ransome, his stories about sailing adventures in the Lake District and the Norfolk Broads. My first sailing experiences were weeklong sailing adventures, exploring the Broads in the mid ‘50s. I have been an avid sailor ever since. I was and still remain captivated by C.S. Forester’s Hornblower, O’Brien’s Aubrey and Kent’s Bolitho. The Stanfield Chronicles allowed me to use my own experiences of sailing and the seacoasts I have explored to pay homage to those wonderful writers.

Isaac Stanfield’s journey from a young man leaving Dorchester to becoming a sailor on The Sweet Rose is a central thread in the series. What aspects of Isaac’s character do you find most compelling, and how does his character evolve throughout the series?

Isaac has a certain engaging innocence which, allied with his boundless enthusiasm for adventure, propels him from one escapade to the next. He is intuitive and decisive, apart from the women in his life. As he matures, he becomes more measured and responsible. He embraces opportunity and learns to deal with misfortune. He develops close relations with a small group of friends to whom he remains fiercely loyal. 

The Stanfield Chronicles not only explore historical events but also delve into themes of adventure, resilience, and love. How do you balance the historical narrative with the development of characters and their personal arcs?

The first book in the trilogy, ‘Exploration’ used Isaac to tell the history behind the eventual departure of the Mayflower from Plymouth. Isaac’s adventures enabled him to become embroiled in the intrigue and contribute to the history, as well as a catalyst in the development of an alternative conclusion to why the Separatists landed where they did. The second book, ‘Retribution’, continues the history of the settlement of New England but now the emphasis is on Isaac, his family and the impact that history has on them. The third book, ‘Redemption’ tells the story of the Stanfield family moving to New England and having to deal with the threats to their lives that have their genesis in his past life and his participation in that early intrigue. 

It was always a challenge between telling a compelling story about an engaging young man and his companions while providing the necessary historical background.  

Your website highlights the awards have received. How does it feel to receive recognition for your work, and how do you believe these accolades contribute to the reception and legacy of “he Stanfield Chronicles”?

At my age, the joy was in the research and the journey. I appreciate the kind words of my readers and their enjoyment of the books, i humbly accept critiques, good and bad. I have learned that writers should keep their egos under tight control. But I have not contemplated leaving a legacy.  I have discovered that I am a much happier writer than a promoter. The accolades, as you call them, are a significant bonus and have spurred me to begin my next book.

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