A Journey Through the Fantastical Realms of KM Taylor

Exploring Creation, Chaos, and the Supernatural in the Works of a Rising Author

Discover the imaginative worlds of KM Taylor, where light and darkness collide, and characters face moral dilemmas amidst supernatural realms.

Meet KM Taylor, a multi-talented artist whose creative journey spans various mediums. From her roots as a writer to her recent foray into novel-writing, Taylor’s work is a captivating blend of horror, fantasy, and the supernatural. Her debut novel, Codex Sohrakia: The Gifted Dark, invites readers into a world of profound themes such as creation and chaos, while her second novel, The Devil’s Conquest, merges romance with thrilling pirate adventures and supernatural elements. In this interview with Reader’s House Magazine, Taylor shares insights into her inspirations, her unique world-building process, and the complexities of character development in her imaginative tales. Join us as we delve into the mind of this visionary storyteller.

Your debut novel, Codex Sohrakia: The Gifted Dark, delves into complex themes of creation, order, and chaos. What inspired you to explore such profound concepts in your writing?

The initial concept came to me as I was reading various non-fiction books on world philosophies. I’ve always had a fascination with concepts of deity and spirituality, so I wanted to explore new perspectives based on age-old dogmas, and with an unexpected approach.

The world-building in Codex Sohrakia is intricate and immersive, spanning realms of light and darkness. Can you share more about your process for developing these fantastical worlds and their underlying mythologies?

Most details come directly from my lucid dreams. All my life I’ve dreamed wild and interesting things. There are some instances within the book that come straight out of my dream journal..

The Devil’s Conquest takes readers on a romantic and thrilling adventure with pirates and a supernatural twist. What drew you to the pirate genre, and how do you approach infusing it with elements of the supernatural?

Classic pirates have always fascinated me. My father was a navy man. He loved all things nautical! A large framed print of a massive galleon hung over his desk. I loved staring at it as I daydreamed. I also loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, which certainly was an influence. The germ that evolved into The Devil’s Conquest came from the documentary Blackbeard: Terror at Sea. Regarding the supernatural elements. Well, they seemed appropriate, simply because there are many mysterious legends in pirate lore. Plus, I prefer to write fantastical things and felt it enriched the story, providing a nice, epic climax.

In both of your novels, there’s a strong interplay between light and darkness, order and chaos. How do these opposing forces influence your characters and drive the narrative forward?

I have a propensity for duality in my interests, as well as in my creations. It’s a trope I love to explore and do unique things with. Good and evil, as concepts, are used often. But typically creators follow expected tropes. I like to play with the idea that light & dark, good& evil may not be what we perceive them to be. That is a core concept of Codex Sohrakia. 

Your writing showcases a deep exploration of characters’ inner struggles and moral dilemmas. How do you approach character development, particularly when dealing with protagonists facing complex ethical choices?

Psychology has always interested me, and I enjoy dealing with inner struggles that influence character’s actions, and the resulting effects of those actions. Finding the emotion and the drive for each character comes from my own personal experiences. I apply mundane struggles to my strange worlds and heightened situations, amplifying them to serve the dramatics of each tale. I work on every scene until I feel them, knowing that, if I am moved as I write, then the reader will, hopefully, also be moved. 

As a writer who navigates both fantasy and historical fiction genres, what challenges do you encounter when blending elements of the supernatural with historical settings, and how do you ensure authenticity while still allowing for imaginative storytelling?

I honestly have not found it difficult merging supernatural elements into historical fiction. Magic and the unexplained are as old as time. The most important thing is to gain a sense of the times and places. I set aside modern sensibilities. For The Devil’s Conquest, I immersed myself in pirate lore, read and watched documentaries, which helped me to feel for each character in their respective settings.

Are there any specific creators that influence your works? Who, or what, inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing?

There are several authors/creators who have inspired my work. My best friend, RL Davis Hays, with whom I wrote stories back in high school (she has published several wonderful books). Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, specifically. HP Lovecraft, his poetic style and the creepiness of his descriptions, enthrals me. Then, I discovered the British horror author, Brian Lumley. His Necroscope series blew my mind and sent my writing off into entirely new dimensions! I must also give credit to two of my favourite Japanese mangaka: Tite Kubo and Akira Toriyama, whose fierce imaginations help me not to box myself in creatively.

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