A Good Mother By Joy Lynn Goddard


“A Good Mother is a gripping, emotional thriller with masterful twists and deeply compelling characters. An outstanding, suspenseful read.”

A Good Mother by Joy Lynn Goddard and Daniel Pike is a gripping thriller that masterfully intertwines a mother’s unyielding hope with a detective’s dogged pursuit of truth. The novel begins with a harrowing scene: eight-year-old Grace disappears from a campsite, leaving behind a cut tent and mysterious footprints. Her mother, Jackie, is relentless in her belief that Grace is still alive, even as days stretch into weeks with no leads.

Detective Duncan Jewell, while investigating a separate case of a missing teenager, finds himself entangled in Grace’s kidnapping. The narrative skilfully weaves together the two cases, creating an intricate puzzle that keeps readers engaged. The emotional depth of the characters is well-crafted, especially as Duncan grapples with his unresolved feelings for Jackie, a childhood friend. This subplot adds a layer of complexity to the storyline without overshadowing the central mystery.

The introduction of Aunt Anna, with her unique ability to see beyond the physical realm, injects an element of the supernatural. Her revelations propel the investigation forward in unexpected ways, adding to the suspense and intrigue.

The authors excel in creating a vivid, tension-filled atmosphere that keeps readers on edge. The pacing is brisk, with each chapter unveiling new clues and twists. A Good Mother is a compelling read that explores themes of love, hope, and the lengths one will go to protect family, making it a standout in the genre.

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